Success is very difficult when attempted alone

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One of the most important and satisfying choices we will make in our lives, is the choice to experience true joy and happiness. Happiness is always a choice and the level of happiness we experience should never be dependant on any external factors. However, when you have great relationships in your life, you create a great foundation for sustainable and meaningful happiness.

Great, meaningful relationships also bring unfathomable depths of meaning and fulfillment to our lives. Relationships of all shapes and forms do indeed make the world go round. The great news is that we have complete control over how good or bad our relationships turn out. With discipline and effort we can develop terrific that are fulfilling, exciting and rich in meaning, love and joy. Commit to Apply the fundamentals that I have listed below into developing great relationships and you will develop great, meaningful and beneficial relationships.

When you are involved in or developing any new relationships always commit to treat people with dignity and respect and to always offer each person, nothing but the highest level of integrity. Treat everyone exactly the same way you would want to be treated under similar circumstances and always try to do the right and honorable thing.

Zig Ziglar has been quoted as saying that “you can achieve anything in life if you help enough other people get what they want out of life”. When you have a heart and intention that is focused on helping others and you commit to look for ways to assist as many people, achieve their goals as is reasonable. You send a message to everyone around you that you really care and that they matter. This attitude will be reflected right back at you and you will be amazed at how many people go out of their way to assist you in return.

Always be honest with all the actions you take and only offer a high level of honesty and integrity in all your communication. Communication is the vehicle that allows us to externalize our inner thoughts and is the way we connect with people in our environment. Communication is the best way to connect with people and to share our thoughts and emotions. Great communication offers us a wonderful vehicle that permits us to connect with people and form deep and trusting relationships that matter.

The central tenant of communication is developing, building and sustaining meaningful relationships. The secret is to develop outstanding communication skills that will equip us to work real miracles and create real mutually beneficial relationships with people that can make a difference in our lives.

Always have kind words to share with everyone around you and smile. Real friendliness and honest happiness are the bookends of great and lasting relationships. Commit to always have a real smile on your face, treat people with friendliness and you will see amazing improvements in all your relationships.

Commit to offer loyalty to everyone that you form relationships with. Even when the going gets tough it is imperative that you remain loyal and committed to the relationship. This will give you a secure feeling of knowing that you have a real and meaningful relationship that is dependable and that even when the going gets tough, both parties will remain loyal and supportive within the relationship.

When you introduce and element of fun to all your relationships, even business relationships you bring an element of enjoyment into the relationship. This will encourage people to want to be part of any relationship, rather that feeling obliged to be part of any relationship. People are far more likely to form long term relationships with people they care about and have fun with than they are with people that bore them.

Introduce some or all of these elements into all your relationships and you will have found the key to unlock great, long lasting, meaningful and mutually beneficial relationships. Each of the elements I have described above will bring different dynamics and rewards to your relationships.

To start the process of improving your relationships, identify one element at a time and try to introduce it to some of your relationships. As you progressively introduce each component into all your relationships, you will be astounded at how your relationships will begin to evolve and improve.

Author: Inspirational Speaker Andrew Horton

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