Mediocrity does not equal success! Mediocrity is all around us and it doesn’t need to be. It’s very likely that you may genuinely begin to enjoy your life using a few of my success guidelines. I know so many other people around me who want more, but are not getting what they want and I really feel so sad to see other people struggle. How many times do you hear from a close friend or family member that they wish to lose weight, but say that they have tried almost everything? How about that person who talks about how they need to change their financial life and stop working a J-O-B, but never accomplishes that switch? I am around all sorts of people and alas I see people who simply just WON’T change. Why? Why won’t these people change, they seem truly interested in making a change, you are able to hear the passion in their voice. Sometimes you will hear the anger as if they've reached bottom. You actually believe this person may well do it this time. But, unfortunately, they don’t. So why do people go through this cycle?

Attain Success by Resolving Subconscious Conflicts First

What's happening here is a struggle in their mind and this gets in the way of realizing success. That person who wants to lose weight is conflicted with the pain and pleasure syndrome and cannot resolve it. So, that person stays stuck in their issue. There may be that person who wants to get started on their own personal company but never does due to fear. You can see the conflict easily. Sometimes the conflict in the mind is so deep that the person doesn’t fully grasp what it truly is that they are conflicted with and this person will never be free and consequently will never know success.

Model after Success

The ONLY way these types of people can have success with their goals is to model after someone who is achieving the type of success which they themselves want. The initial step here is to possess a higher standard. If you want to lose weight then you definitely have to have a standard in your has to mean something to you. If you would like to start your own company, you must have your own "why" and you have to have a standard by which you live your life. Many people question why I still look like a physique competitor and train and diet so hard even though I'm a retired athlete. For me, it’s my standards. I've got a strong belief that the type of intense training and healthy diet is what has made me look younger and has kept me healthy. Why do I remain home with my children? Why do I have my own business and work so intensely? It’s because I have standards and that's exactly where it starts! Devoid of high standards you seriously don’t have much.

Get Some Daily Rituals and Achievement Will Follow

The next success suggestion is to get started on a ritual that will move you in the direction of your goal. So, obviously if you want to lose weight, you would search for somebody who is doing what you want to do, right? For instance, Jillian Michaels has been helping people lose weight in a healthy way for years; she would be someone you could start to follow. Adopt a number of her health and fitness guidelines, but most importantly, make a switch in your mind that you'll begin a ritual (workout & eat properly) and since you have a new standard, you won’t deviate. For the person who wishes to start their own business, you would find somebody who is achieving what you want for yourself and model after them. Because you have a new standard and want to have your own company, you begin to take action in the form of rituals that move you in the direction of achieving success. Make small changes, but do them every single day and these rituals will at some point lead you up the path to success! Let’s say that you desired to get into internet marketing, the first step is to find someone online who's doing what you want to do and subscribe to their blog. Evaluate them and copy them, with your own flare of course. Taking small steps each and every single day will move towards your success.

To your success,

Sharon Koenig

The Prosperous Lady

In order to acquire success you'll need to create rituals plain and simple. You'll begin to blossom and learn as time goes on and begin following more successful people and adapting new approaches. I hope that you found something helpful within this article. I want the very best for yourself my new friend. So, have high standards, add some rituals, make a switch inside your mind and have a whole new state of being and you will have success.

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For the last two decades Sharon has taken five companies from $0 to earning 6-figures! Her background in business and marketing has helped make many people prosper and realize their dreams in the brick-and-mortar world. The internet is nothing new to her. Sharon has successfully built two internet business using skills including making the actual web sites, search engine optimization as well as using the hot trends of advertising on Facebook and Twitter.