Communication is a key part in any relationships whether it’s online in many of the dating sites or simply when you are talking together face to face. When communicating with someone through the many of the modern devices of today, the message can sound impersonal unless you add some of the ‘emoticons’ attached with the message. For example when you send an SMS text message you may want to highlight an important piece by following up with ‘lol’ - loads of laughter or smiley icon (to show that you find something amusing). However, the degree with which you want to convey your ‘feelings’ cannot be registered in digital messages. Unfortunately, not all of us are great writers that can bend the words to our advantage and we must successfully convey our message accurately and succinctly as possible. This becomes even more important when on dating sites when trying to garner interest in the other person.

Jumpdates has been actively collecting information about how users message and communicate with each other through their website. Through extensive studies and research, Jumpdates has provided a set of tools to make communication as effectively as possible. The measure of success of communication between two members are dependent on the likelihood of a recipient responding to the message. The factors affecting this include the following;

1. Activity of the user
If the user is active on the site, implying that they frequently engage with the site and actively use the dating service to have a higher chances of getting returned communication being answered and consequently more dates.

2. Personal factors
These factors are very individualistic and is determined by one’s interest in another user. For example, does the recipient who opens the message find that the location of the user is outside of the area of interest ie. they do not want to have a long distance relationship.

3. First impressions
This is an important step and is entirely dependent on how the message is worded. If the communication is worded in a manner that is not pleasing to the recipient, then there is no chance of a returned message no matter how good a profile.

The above factors suggest that it’s crucial to provide features for the members to enable or disable the types of members that they can communicate with. A good example of this would be members who are not interested in any members outside of their state or country. For those who can be a bit tongue-tied when messaging the opposite sex, Jumpdates has an array of features that makes instant communication possible. Some of these include ‘nudges’, ‘blow a kiss’ and introduction which were all designed to break the ice.

In addition to these services, Jumpdates has an extensive collection of articles and posts that provide valuable tips to its members to make their dating profile as effective as possible. There are numerous advice on shaping your profile so that other members are more likely to pause on your dating profile rather than flicking through. Using the right words and spell checking your words are vital to creating good impressions and there are excellent tips on this subject too. Be sure to check out the blog posts and conduct searches on various terms such as ‘creating a dating profile’, ‘effective communication’, ‘better dating’ and so forth to get the information that you desire.

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