What do you really need or want out of life? How are you going about getting it? If you fail to get it, what’s going to happen to you? If you do get it, what will you do next?

No clue? Join the crowd! Want a clue? It’s up to you! By reading this article you are taking your first step toward joining the elite group of people who you currently refer to as “the ones who get all the good breaks.”

Doing life without being able to answer that first set of questions above is like putting together a jigsaw puzzle without having the box cover to look at:

• You keep trying to put pieces together, but you aren’t even sure how it’s supposed to look.
• You end up “forcing” pieces that don’t really fit, causing unnecessary pressure.
• You rule out good connections, because you can’t see their value at the time they are in your hand, so you have to redo the work later.
• You sometimes see someone else’s box cover and try to make your pieces fit into their image, but that just causes more frustration.
• You find yourself feeling hopeless and desperate because you keep investing everything you can into your success, but seeing little or no positive results.

As the mentor to thousands of leaders worldwide, I have the joy of helping people get “unstuck” everyday. It’s as simple as helping them be able to identify their own unique “box cover”. Usually it’s sitting directly in front of them; they just haven’t been looking for it.

As you read the results of the following two studies, try to focus your attention off of any pressure you may feel to pursue a college degree, and onto the real change-maker.

Economist, Sandy Baum, and College Board research shows these current statistics:

1. College graduates earn an average of $20,000 a year more than high school grads.
2. MBAs, lawyers and others with professional degrees earn an average of $50,000 more than college grads.

Obviously, a little education goes a long way. However, it is not the education that provides the most powerful differentiating factor in financial success.

In 1979, Harvard conducted a study with their MBA graduates asking, “Have you set clear, written goals for your future and made plans to accomplish them?” Three percent said yes; 13 percent said they had goals that had not been written down; and 84 percent had no specific goals.

Ten years later, in a follow-up survey of these students,

1. The 13 percent with goals were earning twice as much as the 84 percent with no goals.
2. The 3 percent with written goals were earning an average of ten times as much as the other 97 percent put together.

Now, I know for a fact that you don’t need an MBA to succeed, because I barely graduated from high school and by almost any standard, I’m a successful person.

I also know that what you do need is an understanding of your own unique value to the world and a basic understanding of how to choose, set and pursue the right goals for you.

If you’ve ever tried goal-setting in the past, and have failed to achieve your target, it’s most likely because you’ve used someone else’s box cover. That will never work. You are unique. Your puzzle pieces are unique to you.

I encourage you to pursue training that teaches you how to process life through your own brain. I mean, don’t go for a cookie-cutter approach to success. Go for training that helps you identify and develop your own uniqueness, which is, in the end, your ticket to enjoying a successful life. How much do you feel training like that might be worth to you?

Remember, college diplomas run $30,000-100,000 plus four to five years of class time, but double your income potential. MBAs cost an additional $40,000-100,000, and one to three years of additional work, but double it again.

My own path required my family to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars into my personal training and experimentation. But the results have been phenomenal. I’ve had the ability and opportunity to mentor thousands of leaders who are currently influencing millions of others. In addition, I am blessed daily as I get to work with some of the happiest, most balanced and influential people in the world.

Was it worth it? To me it was!

Ask yourself this simple question: Would you attempt to find a friend’s house in a new city without an address or driving instructions?

If you are smart enough to say “of course not,” then you are smart enough to start investing into your own goals and success training.

Begin today to seek out training programs, mentors and coaches who are available to you and ready to help you discover the best unique strategies for you.

Author's Bio: 

Success Principles Trainer, Marnie Swedberg, is the owner of a restaurant and retail store, the webhostess of mega sites generating millions of his per year, and the author of 12 books. As the mentor to thousands of leaders worldwide, Marnie is a gifted counselor, connector and communicator. As the wife of David for 28 years, and the mother of three young adults whom she homeschooled through high school, she lives her dreams and teaches others to live out their own unique passions with beauty, balance and bold faith. http://www.PowerAnalysis.info