The clients are out there, you just need to reach them. And the best way to get them to take notice is to sell your value not your product or service. But, before you can present your value, you have to understand exactly what it is. Your product or service is what is most apparent, that’s what people see, but your value is generally a bit more hidden. If you own a beauty salon, your service is pretty straightforward, you cut, style and color hair. But what is the value you’re offering? You help people feel younger, more attractive, happier, or more successful. Your value depends on your client, but your value is more the emotion than the actual hair you cut or style.

What is it you’re selling? And I don’t mean what product or service. Are you selling health, wealth, beauty, success, fun? What is the value or effect that your product or service offers your customer? Focus on that. Sell your value not your product. This can be trickier than it seems. I’ve worked with several companies that understood the product they were selling, but not the value. Take some time and figure out who your target market is and what your product or service truly offers. What is the core value? When you’ve figured that out, the next step is to find the best avenue(s) to reach them.
Once you know exactly what value you’re offering your clients, find the unique marketing mix specific to your needs. Then you’re set to reach and land more clients – now!

Most businesses are looking for clients or customers. The trick is to reach them and then to effectively communicate with them. Even in a shifting economy, people still spend money, buy products, and use services. The economy may take a downturn but it will eventually start to go up again. You not only want to be prepared for the upswing, you want to use strategic marketing and promotional tools now to find your clients and build your business, even during the most challenging times.

Consider all of the possibilities including advertising, direct marketing, public relations, Internet marketing, networking, etc. Make a list of them as well as a list of how your business can benefit from each. Pick two promotional avenues to start with. My favorite approach is a mix of PR and specific forms of Internet marketing, since each helps reinforce the other. You can create a buzz on the Internet and then launch a PR campaign around the phenomena you created, or you can post your media coverage on the Internet and multiply the amount of potential customers who see it by thousands, potentially millions.

Once you understand what you’re really offering your customer and can effectively articulate it, you’ll be able to define your most effective marketing venues. Then, you’re set to move forward. You’re ready to reach and land new customers- now!

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