Everyone wants to be successful in life to a greater or lesser extent. Whilst success means different things to different people it’s fair to say there are some common characteristics. This article highlights the 8 key areas in life that people typically regret not having done differently.

"If you could live your life all over, what would you do differently?"
This is the very question that was put to 4,000 Retired Executives over the age of 70 by Dr. Gerald Bell, University of North Carolina (Professor of Organizational Behavior and Management). They responded in common to 8 key areas that if they could live their life all over again, they would do so differently.
The purpose of asking a great question like this NOW is to get to the bottom of what really is important to you and your life. It may not in actual fact be what you previously thought was important.

Regret # 1 – Life Goals

”I would have carved out life goals and owned my life”
Key Message: Life is not a dress rehearsal. It’s the real thing. Take charge of your life with goal setting. Fulfill your life purpose.

Regret # 2 – Health

“I would have taken better care of my health. I threw away health as though it were trash”.
Key Message: Health is wealth. People only realize how much it’s worth when they don’t have it. So, whether it’s having a better diet, reducing stress levels, going to the gym, taking a brisk walk etc., Look after your health and it will look after you.

Regret # 3 – Money Management

“I would have managed my money a lot more effectively”.
Key Message: Manage your own money. Don’t over-rely on your financial advisor, bank manager etc. It’s your money not theirs. Attain financial literacy and money management skills for yourself.

Regret # 4 – Family

”I would have worked on quality family goals a lot more”.
Key Message: If you have family, consider the value of those relationships and the quality of your family goals. Be sure everything you do with your family is in sync with the 8 areas set out in this article.

Regret # 5 – Personal Development

“I would have spent more time on personal development”.
Key Message: Without personal development and growth it’s unlikely that you’ll be achieving your true potential. Seek out mentors, more training, education, seminars etc. and put knowledge into action to ensure your personal growth.

Regret # 6 – Fun

“I would have had a lot more fun in my life”.
Key Message: Even if you are very focused on achieving goals why not have a bit of fun at the same time. Add more fun to your day whether it’s at the workplace or at home.

Regret # 7 – Career

“I would have planned my career”.
Key Message: Take control of your career and plan it out according to your life goals and vision. Get some career planning/life coaching if needed to help you clarify.

Regret # 8 – God and/or Community

“I would have lived in oneness with my God and or given more back to my community”.
Key Message: Connecting with your God, the higher self and servicing your community are facets of life that shouldn’t be ignored and bring about fulfillment.

In summary, I think this is a powerful and invaluable study on what’s really important in life. If you attend to these key 8 areas in life you could ultimately look back on your life with no real regret and consider your life a true success story. How great is that!

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