Success strategies for your online business

Listen while Judith Shuttleworth chats about their tips for success strategies for your online business. This is important to generate income.

It’s very easy to get sidetracked on the Internet when you’re running an online business. If you spend your time watching cat videos on YouTube or interacting with friends on Facebook, you’re not going to get very far.

Discipline around managing your time and efforts towards the growth of your business and income generating strategies is vital if you are going to win big. If you go to a ‘job’ you can’t go the shops or watch your latest episode on Netflix. Running your online business should be no different.

In the current situation with COVID-19, we are all at home and many of you will have lost jobs or businesses. Furthermore, if you’re looking to start an online business to replace that income because we are all shut down, then it has to be taken seriously for success.

Learn what it means to focus on income generating strategies that build trust and connection with your audience.

Success strategies for your online business includes some of the following points:

* discipline around your working space and hours
* having a strategy
* having a daily and weekly plan to stay on track
* understanding what money making activities are
* implementing at least one marketing tactic every day
* understanding what constitutes ‘marketing activities’
* learning to cope with time zones
* prioritising business goals
* being ‘visible’ online no matter how uncomfortable you may find it

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Judith Shuttleworth
Judith Shuttleworth helps entrepreneurs and online marketers learn to market successfully for predictable cashflow (no matter what they sell) so they can scale & start generating significant income. She has run her digital marketing agency, HotsWots Digital, for just under 10 years and understands implicitly the marketing challenges faced by many entrepreneurs.