Good and bad situations are part of everyone’s life. We tend to notice the bad ones more, because of their negative impact on our progress. They sometimes seem to flood our lives without letting up, and we wonder if they will ever stop. We’ve all seen it at some time. Bad situations often lead to frustration, and frustration leads to failure—and failure leads to a pattern of failure.

None of us is immune to bad luck, or adversity. And the truth is, it’s impossible to prevent. However, we always have “opportunity” which arises from bad situations, if we are willing to learn from adversity, and deal with it properly. With wisdom and a positive attitude we can turn bad situations to our favor.

Turning Bad Situations Into Good Ones
Because we cannot prevent bad situations from coming into life, it is imperative that we learn how to transform them into positive situations—turn life’s lemons into lemonade. By employing the strategies of success at all times, we capitalize on good luck and transform bad luck into something we can work with. There are a few essential keys which help in transforming bad situations into good ones. Some of the most important are:

1. Never Lose Control – This is true no matter what type of situation you face. You must always maintain control over the situation (and over your thinking and actions) as much as possible, especially during bad timings. Failing in this, bad situations can devolve quickly into catastrophes. Maintaining control aids in making good decisions aimed to overcome the problems caused by bad situations.

2. Learn From Bad Situations– Bad situations have important lessons hidden within them. Intelligent people try to find out the root causes, and how they could have been avoided—valuable information for your future success. In most cases you will discover that bad situations result from wrong decisions you made in the past.

3. Positive Attitude– A positive attitude is among the most important factors that help turn a bad situation around. Those with a positive attitude don’t panic during crises. They focus their time and energy into planning and management to overcome adversity.

4. Stay Cool and Let Things Happen – During those few times in life when things happen that are truly beyond our control, and it is clear that there is nothing that we can do to reverse the resultant damage, we must remain calm and sometimes just let things take their natural course. When a flood comes and you eventually run out of sandbags to hold it at bay, there comes a time when you must evacuate, and return later to clean up and rebuild. Don’t become depressed and don’t give up. Turn your attention to other productive endeavors as you wait out the storm, then roar back to action when the coast is clear.

These methods of facing adversity are very helpful if employed correctly. By following these key principles you can turn their bad times into good ones and emerge as a more successful person in life.

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Vishwas Mahale embodies this thought. For 10 long years he has searched the world seeking the truth behind success. This is what Vishwas saw and experienced first-hand during his search. He has outlined the guiding principles for success in his book, THE SUCCESS through stories and examples.