I know you will be wondering what this success tricks is. Infact when you see it later you may also respond just like every other person I have ever shared with. At first, disbelif later a life change.

Now let me kick it out with this question. Who is responsible for all the problems, the lack of-money, job, housing, education, that face us as a whole?Well what a good answer you gave.

Maybe you said something like; gorverment, economy situation and so on. uhmuhm. Let me be a little blunt now, for you to be successful i will need to stop doing the following two things.

1. Stop blaming and complaining. It is something common to find many blaming things outside of them as responsible for their failure, like the weather, the traffic, the gorverment, my boss, my parent, the economy.

2. Stop giving excuses and understand that whatever you are experiencing in life whether it is physical, relational or financial is a result of how you are responding to the situation rather than the situation themselves.

My formula here is S+R=O.

S+R=O means this:

S- Situation. This is constant.
R- Response. This you can control.
O- Outcome. This you can change if you can control your response.

When most people dont get the type of outcome they want, they blame the situation. But the truth there is, you can not change the situation but you can change your response to get the outcome you want.

This is what i mean3+3=6. If you do not like 6, the 3 of the situation is constant but you change your response from 3 to 4,5,6

So as to get a better result. so the basic success tricks here is getting yourslef out of blaming and complaining into taking responsibility for the change you desired.

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The Nigerian No 1 most soughted after success coach. C.E:O Jacey Ally Integrated Services. He helps people to discorver where their success lies.