I am Patricia and September 2015 all i know is one day i woke up into the Oncology world. Just like in 2001-2004 i woke up one morning into the gastroenterology world. I had a bad case of GERD.. In those years of 2001-2004 i only lived by eating pureed foods. I am here to express to you life will just happen to you.

So, how can you be a success? You have to be determined.

I am now a Ovarian Cancer survivor here in 2016. In life i have walked out my success and dreams. How do you begin to accomplish your success? Although, I had to overcome as a teenager verbal abuse and many other challenges you can still keep walking straight into your success and dreams. Here is a list for you to do the following:

1}. By setting goals
2}. By prioritizing and making a to do list everyday
3}. By having short-term and long term goals/plan
4}. By guidance and direction from mentors; counselors;spiritual connection with the Creator
5}. By networking
6}. By defining your purpose and sincere meaning into life
7}. By taking action
8}. By having a positive state of mind
9}. By always trying to reach your goals
10}. By turning a negative to a positive read http://www.selfgrowth.com/articles/user/306062
11}. By keep walking and keep moving through when you are challenged.

These following above points will be the beginning of you walking out your wants, dreams and desires. Will it happen for you the test is to never give up on yourself. Look in the mirror at your reflection of yourself and never give up. Will your wants, dreams and desires come true. Yes, have will power and say yes to life based on the following points above you have read mine has come true.

I am a Ovarian Cancer survivor. So, when i was first told in the oncology department i was certainly over whelmed but had the faith. The first thing i did was to go home and look in the mirror to reflect on my life and encourage myself. Along, with writing on the mirror VICTORY IS MINE I AM HEALED IN MY OVARIES. Then i started my walk right through a major operation and next through chemotherapy treatments and completed. Now, being a cancer survivor i am sharing with you how to walk out your success. It would not have happen without a plan,Same thing in your life you need a plan to lead and guide you.. So, when it is all said and done you can look back and reflect over life on how you have achieved your success and lived out your wants, dreams and desires.

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