While there are some people who are seen as being successful, there are others who are not. And when it comes to how someone is seen by others, it can all depend on what these people value.

One Outlook

If someone has a lot of money and/or if they have reached a certain level in their career, they can be seen as being successful. It can then be completely irrelevant as to what else is taking place in their life.

As this area (or both of these areas) is going in the right direction, it will be as if they have ‘made it’. What this comes down to is that having a successful career and a lot of money is something that a lot of people value.

The Right Career

Even so, this is not to say that someone will be seen as being successful no matter what they do. As if they are successful in their career, but this is a career that is generally not held in high esteem, it doesn’t mean that they will be seen as someone who is successful by others.

Naturally, there will be some people out there who will be able to recognise how well they are doing. On the other hand, if they did something that was held in high esteem, they would have a radically different experience.


And as so many people have this outlook, it can mean that a lot of people can feel as though they are not successful if they don’t experience life it his way. So, regardless of how hard they have worked and how far they have come, it can seem as though they are not at the same level as other people who are successful.

Yet, if they are doing something that is very fulfilling, there is going to be no reason for them to spend too much time thinking about what other people are doing. But when someone is not doing something that is fulfilling, it is going to be a lot harder for them to do this.

Time For A change

In this case, what they are doing is not going to fulfil them, and they won’t receive a lot of approval from other people either. There could then be moments when they think about changing their career, and doing something that will allow them to receive a lot of approval from others.

The trouble with this is that even if one was to change their career and to get approval form others, it is unlikely to lead to a fulfilling existence. After a while, they could soon find that even though people respond to them differently, it doesn’t fulfil their true needs.

Another Scenario

And when someone isn’t seen as being successful, it can also come down to the fact that they are not doing anything with their life. It is then not that they are doing something that a lot of people don’t value; it is that they are not anything.

Alternatively, it can mean that one is gradually building something up, and it can then only be a matter of time before they are seen as successful. This could be what drives them, or it could be the last thing on their mind.

The Journey

As they are doing something that is alignment with their true needs, it will be a lot easier for them to enjoy what they have to do in order to get to where they want to be. Each day of their life is not going to be seen as a means to an end, it will be seen as an end per se.

Through being this way, it will allow them to embrace the present moment, as opposed to being a slave to what they believe will happen in the future. And as time is their most important asset, it could be said that this will be a good approach to have.


When someone reaches a certain level of success, it can cause them to stand out from others. This is then going to mean that they will hear things from others that are positive and they can hear things that are negative.
What can play a part here is the amount of exposure they receive, and this can all depend on what they do. For example, if someone is in the public eye, there is a strong chance that a lot of people will have something to say about them.

One Outcome

When someone says good things about them, it can show that they admire them; perhaps they would like to experience life in the same way. In their eyes, they will have made it, and it is then going to be normal for them to elevate them.

One can be inspired by what they have archived, and this will give them the motivation to work hard. Or, it could show that one is also successful, and they might simply value what they have achieved.

Another Outcome

If this doesn’t take place, and someone only has bad things to say about them, it can be a sign that they are envious of their success. This person will remind them of the fact that they are not happy with their own life.

Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that they will realise this, as they could be completely out of touch with what is taking place within them. If they are this way, they will continue to judge the person who is successful, and their life is unlikely to improve.


This person will be reflecting back to them what they are not willing to acknowledge within themselves. Therefore, what is taking place externally is not causing them to feel as they do.

The only thing it is doing is triggering what is already within them, and if they pay attention to their inner world, it will give them the chance to change their life. If one can relate to this, and they want to change their circumstances, they may need to work with a therapist.

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