If someone has spent a lot of time and effort building up their own life, it can be hard for them to understand why they would feel uncomfortable now that their life is going in the right direction. Yet, even if only one area of their life is going as they would like it to go, they could still be confused.

It is then going to be as if one has asked for something and, now that they have got it, they are not happy. Still, this doesn’t mean that they are not pleased with how their life is going; what it comes down to is that part of them is not going to be on board with what is taking place.

Inner Shift

If they didn’t feel uncomfortable, it would be possible for them to appreciate the direction that their life is taking. Taking this into account, something will need to change inside them in order for them to feel more at peace and to embrace what they have achieved.

Ultimately, what they are experiencing is not normal – it shows that something isn’t right. Nonetheless, before one was able to take a step back and to reflect on what is taking place, they might have been sucked into how they felt.

A Few Areas

If their whole life is going in the right direction, it could mean that their career is going well, they have a number of close friends, they are in an intimate relationship and they are in good shape, for instance. A number of years ago, their life may have been radically different.

Based on how they feel, it could be said that the discomforted that they are experiencing is completely irrational. The same could also be said if one area of their life is going well and they feel uncomfortable.

External Feedback

If one was to share what is taking place for them with a friend or a family member, they could be told that they just need to relax and to embrace what they have achieved. In their eyes, it is not going to do one any good to get caught up in the discomfort that is inside them.

After hearing this, one may find that they are able to settle down and to enjoy their life again. Then again, one may find that hearing this doesn’t help them, and it might even make them feel even worse.

More Pressure

If they do feel worse, it could be because they might now feel as though they are getting worked up for no reason. One could believe that if only they were stronger, there would be no need for them to feel so edgy.

Blaming themselves for what is taking place is clearly not going to serve them; they are under enough stress as it is. What one will need to remember is that this is a fairly new experience for them, so it might take a while for them to get to the bottom of what is going on.

Tuning In

If one was to connect to what is taking place inside them, they may find that there is a fair amount of anxiety and fear. Therefore, although their life is going well (or one part of it is), it will seem as though something bad is about to happen.

It then won’t matter how well their life is going as their inner world will be telling them that it is all about to come to an end. If they are able to stop themselves from getting pulled into this, they could wonder why they feel this way.

Another Part

In addition to this, they could also find that part of them doesn’t believe that they deserve to experience life in this way. So if everything that they have achieved was taken away, it would feel right to this part of them.

What could become clear at this point is that not every part of their being is on the same page. Part of them wants to achieve their goals and to experience joy, while another part of them isn’t interested in achieving anything and wants to be unhappy.

A Closer Look

There may have been a time in their adult life when something was taken away for them, setting them up believe that the same thing would happen in the future. At the same time, what they are currently going through could be the result of what occurred during their early years.

For example, they may have grown up in a very unpredictable environment, due to one caregiver being emotionally unstable. At one point, everything might have been fine and, at another, it could have been complete anarchy.

One Experience

Conversely, this stage of their life may have been going well, only for it to change suddenly. Perhaps their caregivers broke up or one had to move into a completely different area.

Whatever took place, it would have set them up to believe that good things don’t last, and what took place would have been taken to heart. In other words, one would have believed that the reason their life changed was due to the fact that there was something wrong with them.


At this age they would have been ego centric, and this was why they would have taken it personally. In reality, what took place had nothing do to with them or reflect their value as a person.

If one can relate to this, and they want to change their life, they may need to reach out for external support. This is something that can be provided by the assistance of a therapist or a healer.

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