Whilst growth and progress are what many human beings seek, it doesn’t mean that this is what always takes place for them. There are some things that one might be able to achieve without too much trouble and others things that can always seem to remain out of their grasp.

And while this could be due to them not having the desire to grow in the first place, it doesn’t have to be the case. As even though one can have the desire and put in the work necessary, something can always seem to appear to get in their way and stop them from going to the next stage in their development.

This can relate to all areas of growth and achievement and affect their: career, relationships, finances and health, for instance. One could find that they only progress to a certain level in one area of their life, or this could apply to all areas.

Invisible Prison

So although one is free to do what they want and to decide how they use their energy, this is not making much difference. It can then seem as though one is in an invisible prison and that is in impossible for them to leave.

They may have achieved a certain amount of success or they could be in a position where nothing in their life ever changes. But no matter what ones position is, the outcome is the same, and this means that one is more or less stuck.

External Reasons

Now, if one doesn’t progress in life and is constantly at the same level, it would be easy to come to the conclusion that it is because of external reasons. And if one was to focus their attention purely on what has taken place externally throughout their life, they would soon find reasons for their lack of growth.

These can range from people getting in their way or not supporting them and not being given the right opportunities. Other people could be labelled as being luckier and more fortunate than they are.

Just as one is about to go to the next level, something might appear out of nowhere. This could make one believe that external forces are in place to stop them from having what they want and achieving what they have worked so hard for.


And based on these conclusions, which are only natural if one’s life doesn’t change, it is only natural that one can end up feeling like a victim. They can also feel: angry, frustrated, powerless and hopeless for instance.

This means that the external world is defining how they feel and one is therefore trapped and unable to find a way out. What this doesn’t take into account is what is taking place within someone’s inner world, and how this is playing a part in what shows up in their external reality.


So if one consciously wants to achieve one thing and their reality keeps giving them something else, it is clear that one is experiencing conflict. If one was to simply focus on what they consciously want and need, they are unlikely to find anything that is out of place.

And this is to be expected, as what is taking place consciously is unlikely to be the problem. What needs to be looked at is what is taking place unconsciously and in one’s body.


While the mind can be focused on success and on doing everything one can do to attain it, the body can have other ideas. Survival is the body’s primary focus and although success can enhance ones chances of survival, the body can also see it as a threat.

And if one’s body sees something as a threat, it won’t matter what they consciously want or need to achieve, their body will sabotage it. One will only attract into their life what their body feels safe with.


What one’s body feels safe with is not fixed and therefore something that is unable to be changed, it is the result of the experiences they have had. These can relate to their experiences as an adult, but more importantly what happened to them during their childhood

These experiences will have created certain associations and although these associations are simply the result of the experiences that one has had, they will be seen as the truth. And if one was to go against them, it would be interpreted as death by the ego mind.


One can have the need to experience intimacy in their life and yet, it never happens. This could be due to what their relationships were like with their caregiver/s growing up.

If they were controlling, smothering, overwhelming or even abusive, one would have learnt that getting close to others is not safe. But while times have changed, these associations have remained and therefore cause one to sabotage intimacy.


As a child, one may have only been accepted and approved of when something was wrong. At other times, they might have felt invisible and as though they didn’t exist. But as soon as something was wrong, such as a minor illness, attention soon appeared.

One could then have learnt that the only way to for them to avoid being rejected or abandoned is for them to suffer in some way. And if their life was going well they would be rejected and ignored by others.


Associations such as these will define what does and what doesn’t show up in ones reality. So if one unable is progress in a certain area in their life, they could ask themselves: what do I fear will happen if I have exactly what I want?

The answer might not come straight away and the mind may dismiss the question. But if one imagines having exactly what they want and tunes into their body, they will soon know.

One might find that once they question what they believe will happen if they achieve something, their life will gradually change. But for others it might involve releasing trapped emotions. These emotions would have been trapped in one’s body since their childhood years and continued to accumulate throughout their adult years.

And as these still remain in one’s body, it causes one to recreate the same experiences: simply because they are still perceiving reality in the same way as they did as a child. .The assistance of a therapist or a healer can allow one to get in touch with their trapped emotions and gradually release them.

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