Success does not mean that every situation we encounter will result in monetary, personal or social gain, or whatever perception of ‘success’ we may have. It means that, even where the situation doesn’t look like it’s working out, we recognise the opportunity for a successful learning process and it does not become an attack or an endorsement of separation, isolation and fear.

You don’t have to buy into that eternal loop of Self-criticism, Self-doubt, fear and removal from the truth. Instead, whatever the outcome, use every situation as a learning opportunity. In your day-to-day experience, the goal is to make success continuous.

Learn to be less accepting of failure and have a greater openness to success. You don’t have to see your Self without hope. Nothing is ever hopeless. Teach your Self to be as you would want your Self to be. See your Self as somebody you would aspire to admire and somebody you would value for their honesty, integrity and Self-belief.

Resolve to not be afraid or fearful or overly occupied with the outcome of any situation in life. If your focus is on being in a place of happiness with your Self, then that’s all that matters, not based on third party opinion, but with the realisation that ‘I am becoming the me I want to be.’ In viewing the world this way, you start to see real opportunities and you’re now giving your Self a real chance to finally say
‘I’m okay. I’m a work in progress, but guess what, I’m okay’.

Acknowledging your ‘I’m Okay Factor’ is where all success begins. Now you’re taking the weight of the world off your Self because you’re taking steps towards joining life, not in fear, but in true Self-expression, with a true purpose and a much greater acceptance of who you are. You are becoming ‘the fearless me’.

So now the world becomes a university teaching you the value of your Self and not a fearful place.

The way you see the world becomes the world you want to see. Start to see your Self as the Self you want to be. Being free comes from your perception of freedom. Being successful comes from your perception of success. We all get trapped in perception - our perception of strength, our perception of weakness.

Success only requires that your acceptance of your inherent right to success is stronger than your acceptance of your sense of failure.

Author's Bio: 

Geoffrey J Canavan, Success Expert, business owner and author of 'Solved! The Truth about Real Success'