We live in a world where it’s hard to be perceived as a success, where being wealthy necessitates enormous amounts of money, where being good in sport necessitates huge acclaim and fame. This in turn can become an attack on the truth of who you really are. When you place heroes on a pedestal, above you, what you’re really doing is denying a big part of your Self.
Admire others, acknowledge and celebrate their achievements, but don’t defeat your Self in the process.
It’s far too easy to live exclusively in a world of comparisons and far too easy to forget just exactly who you are. Don’t be afraid to give your Self a pat on the back in the kindness and knowledge that most heroes are just like you.
See your Self on an equal par. Admiration doesn’t imply inferiority. Your equality becomes your vision. That vision of your Self ultimately becomes the You that you can be. As you now know, you own your future in equal measure as you own your past.
You cannot change the past but you still have the power to decide upon the future. Use this power, not as an opponent to your own worth, but an ally in the making of your Self and the dreams you desire.
Rather than using heroes to lose sight of your true Self, the recognition of who and what you can be reminds you of the truth about your Self.
Everyone has their own hero status.
Rediscover and relive it in all that you are. Make your Self your own hero in your own journey, in your education and in the way you view the world, remembering to be the You you want to be and can be.
Look at it calmly and logically and see for yourself the opportunities that present to you within your circumstances. Embrace those opportunities. Take them forward and make your Self the king or queen of your own world. Do not lose sight of your own possibilities, of your own dreams, of your own desires.
It is so nice to have a value on your own worth and have some sense of shining that light of truth on your world, illuminating the real You. It is this illumination that we recognise and admire in others. It is this light that instinctively draws us to those we admire. The switch for this light comes from the belief in being fair with your Self and in having even the smallest of willingness to see the world with that degree of difference.
That small difference gives us the edge to begin the journey of development and begin the turning on of the light of greatness, fun and excitement.

Author's Bio: 

Geoffrey J Canavan, Success Expert, business owner and author of 'Solved! The Truth about Real Success'