The whole experience of development and successful growth is not about going it alone and doing it all by yourself. It involves a Self-belief system of inclusion. Inclusion is a huge part of any personal or business development. Inclusion is simple and simple is successful.

The opposite of inclusion is fragmentation. That’s when we all have separate interests and we all take separate views and adopt separate standpoints, which we then feel the need to defend. The label you’ve attached to your Self - (I am a Liverpool supporter/a victim/a musician/an alcoholic/a mother/an entrepreneur/bad at maths etc) - in order to define who you are within your special relationships and make you feel like you ‘belong’ actually becomes a weapon that keeps you separated. Fragmentation does not lend itself to coherent growth, development and sustainable planning of life and business.

If my life or my business has primarily functioned on the special relationships I use to define myself and my place in the world, I am limiting myself and compromising my success because my decision-making is coloured by fragmentation, rather than inclusion.

But I can change all that by simply adopting a policy of inclusion and oneness of purpose, where goals are not set in isolation and where opportunities are not mimicked by looking at someone else’s apparent success.

Every relationship of value must have a foundation in truth and integrity. So in other words, we’re not going forward from a place of weakness. We’re going forward from a place of trust and that trust is really coming from within. We are learning once again to trust ourselves, not based on all that has happened yesterday but with greater emphasis on what is happening now and what we really want to happen tomorrow.

This self-trust is like a beacon of our own acceptance and a statement to the world of our entitlement to success. Out of this comes the expression of how we present ourselves, how we engage with people and how real and valuable interactions happen. Whether it’s a conversation with a friend, a sales meeting or important financial discussions when that inner light of looking to be honest is turned on it will be recognised and appreciated.

When we are operating from that place of fearlessness every relationship is special and no relationship is special. We are not threatened, for better or worse, but are functioning in truth and honesty. The foundation of what we’re building is incredibly strong and holds great truth, with the purpose of progressing into the future. Many people have little faith in themselves because they don’t realise that success exists within and can be brought out by a simple change of focus.

See your Self as an achiever, a doer and don’t be so hard on your Self. Realise that all your needs can be met - in any area of your life – when you see your Self as you really are, which is 100% acceptable.

Move forward with that depth of awareness that how things were done in the past doesn’t have to influence how they are done in the future. Give your Self a clean sheet. Wipe the blackboard. Move beyond history into your future without bringing along your judgments and preconceived notions of the way the world works. Take on board the fact that you have an entitlement and a natural inheritance to successful living and happiness.

Author's Bio: 

Geoffrey J Canavan, Success Expert, business owner and author of 'Solved! The Truth about Real Success