Success and Success Rules!
Life as in business there are rules to live by. Sometimes if you
break the rules there are severe penalties to pay. Here are a
few of the success rules I live by.

Charge a fair but profitable price
Customers will compare your price with somebody else either
deliberately or by accident. If you are charging too much you
lose the customer but worse still you lose your livelihood.

Smile as often as you can
It was Dale Carnegie who first popularized the idea of smiling as
the most powerful tool to influence people. Ask yourself if you
are happy. If yes then tell your face. People love doing business
with happy and smiling people even if they don't show it.

Tell the Truth
A liar is anyone who doesn't deliver what they say. Don't trust
anyone who breaks an appointment without notice or any one
who doesn't deliver on what they promise. Take your own
advice on this because if you get caught in a lie, even once, you
won't be trusted or believed easily again.

Use the Button up
After closing the sale always let your customer know what they
can expect from you and your competition. Ask your customers
why they bought from you. By telling you they are obligating
themselves to keep the product because they have to save
face. No more buyer's remorse or cancellations.

Work at work and play at play
Focus and apply the right traits to success. Don't take
advantage of long lunches. Don't leave work early, give back a
little, stay a while. Don't think about play at work. If you do, you
are spoiling your work and only doing part of the job
productively. Conversely, don't think about work at play.
Concentrate on the task at hand and you will enjoy both better.

Associate with Winners
Life is too short to waste your time with losers. Associate with
people who have the attributes that you want and you will
catch what they have soon enough. Stay away from complainers
and gossipers. They are poison. If your life isn't good, keep it to
yourself. No one wants to hear your problems. Make people and
you feel good and let them know you are having a great time. If
you do need help, confide in professionals or those who can
help because your peers won't be able to.

Reply to People
It's good manners and good for building relationships if you
return calls or emails. It is the height of arrogance to choose not
to answer or reply to someone else's request if it is appropriate
to do so. If you don't, it is the fastest way to lose customers
and friends. The worst part is if you don't you will know why you have lost a friend or customer.

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