In a unified Self we have more direction and greater presence, a presence to be perceived in how you live your life. Holding your unity is taking ownership of the greatness and potential you can offer to your own day-to-day world. But once again it’s all about how you start that process of recovery; that process of making choices and allowing your Self the opportunity for change. What you’re really doing here is stopping the process of Self-denial because that only results in illusions.

Relating to your world and the people within your world will never come from anything external. The vision of your Self is the vision you make up from within. It will always come from what the kind of person you see your Self as.
So it is essential that you see the real vision of your Self and not the distorted glimpse based on your history and your fears.

Anything you do that comes from a distortion is really only a misrepresentation of what you are. See the clarity of life, the truth of life and the potential opportunities of living your life to the fullest.
Avoid becoming a slave to the warped view of your own abilities and capabilities and rather embrace the wonderful
You with all your talents and potential.

Everyone can contribute at some level. Be the person you want to be. You will be admired and seen. Switch on the light that says ‘I am here’.

Learning this process requires some attention and some work. As you grow through it, you will become better at recognising where you get caught up and this recognition presents the opportunity to change and to do so without fear. Watch out for repetition; most of us make the same mistakes repeatedly.

If you start to see your Self as equal in every situation then there is nothing to fear. There is no sense of awe at what you’re trying to achieve, which is really staying in touch with your purposeful nature. This then in turn gives you the ability to live out that success that you so deservedly desire.

Learning to like your Self makes you want to like your Self more. Self-belief is your passport to Self-freedom.
There are endless opportunities to go through the process of Self-discovery and the rediscovery of your world and the people in it. All you need is the willingness and the rest becomes simple. In essence, you’re just getting in contact with the truth of who you are, once again reminding your Self that you started life in a state of perfection, successful and complete.

Apply the process of looking again and realising that you have choices in your day-to-day experiences. Watch the changes as that silent language of success becomes apparent, as you gradually start to see your own capabilities come to the surface.

Success is like knowledge; the more you have the easier the questions become so stay focused on the realisation
that you can succeed.

This is where there is no neediness, no want, just effective Self-communication and expression and presence. The truth resonates and the best possible outcome will be decided upon in the knowledge that you are growing. The application of your achievement takes purpose and meaning for your Self. You are becoming all you ever wanted to be in the knowing that you can.

Author's Bio: 

Geoffrey J Canavan, Success Expert, business owner and author of 'Solved! The TRuth about Real Success'