People have the tendency to assume great success is something only other people experience. However the world's most amazing success stories are about everyday human beings who believed in themselves and took consistent action.

For a variety of reasons it's difficult for most people to imagine themselves enjoying spectacular success. The majority of individuals tend to assume that amazing stories of personal success are reserved for other people.

This is pretty bizarre and unreasonable when you think about it. We're all "other people" from someone's perspective, right?

A great technique for shifting your perspective is to put yourself in the center of your favorite success stories. Imagine how it would feel to make your first million dollars, win a bodybuilding competition, become a best-selling author, or attain whatever victory meets your ideal of true success.

The reality is you are every bit as capable of great success as any other person on the planet. You might need additional training, education, or experience to get from where you are now to where you'd rather be, but these are all things you can acquire with a small amount of time and commitment.

In my late teens and early twenties I had the privilege of training with a world-class martial arts master; the assistant instructor was also a national champion. Everything about the school and the system vibrated excellence. Both of my instructors had a saying for putting their incredible talents into perspective: "I've got two arms and two legs just like you."

The implication is pretty simple. It's much like the old cliché that even our heroes "put their pants on one leg at a time". Individuals who exhibit extraordinary success in any field are human beings; they don't have any magical powers and they're not blessed with supernatural abilities.

It's important to recognize and accept this fact. Resist the urge to make excuses and point out how the successful people you read about all have some kind of unfair advantage over you; i.e. better genetics, a wealthy family, a better childhood, or whatever.

The time-honored tradition of defending mediocrity with excuses about such advantages goes back at least to ancient Greece. In those days the heroes from the culture's favorite stories were all the children of Zeus or some other deity, the idea being that no mere mortals could be capable of such bravery and skill.

Modern-day excuses are less elaborate but every bit as far-fetched.

While some athletes may be blessed with genetic talents, disciplined training will always overcome natural ability. Many champion competitors, including the great Michael Jordan, were not gifted at an early age with their winning capabilities.

And the overwhelming majority of wealthy entrepreneurs do not come from old money, or wealthy families. Far and away more business superstars come from middle class and even poor homes.

When you open your eyes and take an honest look at the folks who are living the success you crave you'll find they are very much like you. By this token there is absolutely no good reason whatsoever to deny yourself the thrill and triumph of excelling in your chosen field.

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