We all find areas where we can really compromise ourselves. We perfect that process and those patterns and it becomes second nature in how we live and what controls our lives. We repeat the same mistakes in the same areas over and over again, keeping us trapped and un-free as the apparent shackles of our existence hold us in a pattern of frustration, confusion and unclear destiny.

But opportunities for change are always present. Replace the sadness with an addiction to the successful You, regardless of circumstances. Find the successful You, which is within all of us, and bring him or her home.
Not one of us was born to fail or to exist in misery or as some form of a lost cause. Our birthright is one of growth, fulfilment and completion.

Stay focused on your objective of finding and being the best You you can be and don’t be overwhelmed if at any point the task seems enormous. Take just one step at a time and what starts as a slow walk will soon be a fast run to more successful living.

It is essential for the purpose of success and fulfilment that you don’t set limits, because what is limited then becomes a yardstick to limit your Self. If, in all your relationships, your work, your personal life - whatever aspect you care to look at – you don’t blame others, or don’t constantly put the problem outside of your Self, you are allowing your Self to go forward in a very creative and fulfilling way that’s not shackled by a feeling that the world is out to get you. In essence, you’re taking responsibility for your life in a more caring and loving way and creating a reality of completion where now your Self-fulfilling disasters can become your Self-fulfilling joys. You are free from the notion that you can’t control your own destiny.

Everybody has felt lost or shipwrecked at some stage of their life.
If you can imagine your Self as a child lost on a journey and then see yourself as the person you are now finding that child and bringing your Self home, then you begin to appreciate the need for Self-understanding on what can be a difficult path but should never be a hopeless one.

What can be more unjust than denying your Self the right to be your Self?
It is a futile exercise to keep your Self held in this place where your true function can never be fully realised.
Your true function is not a failed function. Your true function is to understand that personal fulfilment is derived from tapping into that source of Self which you know is not failed, flawed or diminished.
Be the beautiful person you are.

When we let go of our fear of failure (or success) we really clear the way to be successful. It’s like a fog lifting and giving us an opportunity to be visionary.

Don’t fear the future. See it for what you want it to be - a successful future without fear. Focus on one step at a time and on your willingness to break the cycle of what was the essence of your past.
Take every day as an opportunity to change and to create the life you want.

Author's Bio: 

Geoffrey J Canavan, Success Ecpert, business owner and author of 'Solved! The Truth about Real Success'