By placing bets in a bookmaker’s office, you can unwittingly catch yourself thinking, and who has achieved great success in this matter? Who managed to earn a truly enormous fortune? This article will show the stories of successful betters, whose achievements make you believe that you can still make money on sports betting.

Bob Vulgaris
In the late 90s of the 20th century, Bob Voulgaris began to put on sports, and in just 5 years, before the age of 30, he managed to make a fortune. He is truly one of the most successful betters in history. The secret of his success lay in real talent, multiplied by the hard work and endurance needed to spend hours watching sports. According to Bob himself, in the aggregate, he could bet $ 1 million per game day in the NBA. The percentage of winning rates reached 70%.

Bob noticed an important feature of building a quarter-line total in basketball games. The bookmakers, determining the maximum for the match, simply divided it equally into two halves, but this was often the wrong approach. In the final quarters, it was necessary to take into account the increase in the number of free throws and greater tension, and, consequently, a greater number of goals scored.

Vulgaris used this defect for many years. Only on this he managed to earn a lot of money. In addition, Bob perfectly studied the actions of the three NBA coaches - Eddie Jordan, Byron Scott and Jerry Sloan. “I knew exactly what these three coaches would do. I mean, it was quite simple,” said 37-year-old Bob Voulgaris. Also read about crm system

Remembering those times, Bob regrets that he did not make larger bets. “I thought it would last forever, but it was not so,” Vulgaris remarked. Bookmakers made conclusions and changed the way of forming a line for totals in NBA matches.

After that, Vulgaris had a black line, and he lost a lot. Over the last month of the 2003/2004 Championship, he leaked a third of his winnings. Frustrated by this fact, Bob began to increase more and more the amounts of his bets, trying to return what he lost. Realizing that the old methods no longer work, Vulgaris took a break to think about what had happened.

The conclusion he came to prompted him to start paying considerable attention to computer technology, because there were more statistical indicators and they had to be processed, and the human brain was not able to store such a large amount of information. Everything else, he reduced the amount of bets, increasing their number. The desire to introduce a computer into their work prompted Vulgaris to create an algorithm capable of simulating a basketball match between any teams and at any time. In the calculations were used statistics for past years. The program itself was created, of course, not by Vulgaris himself, but by the man who later became his partner. Over time, the program has been increasingly improved, including more and more new indicators. Vulgaris more and more believed in the program created, and 5 years later, after the disastrous 2004, he had already made more than 1000 rates per season.

“I don’t want to brag, but this program is the greatest achievement in the world of sports betting,” said Voulgaris. Despite such achievements, Bob gradually began to move away from the stakes, because at that time his dream was to become the general manager of the NBA team. In order to achieve this goal, Vulgaris in 2010 began to give a large number of interviews on the topic of rates, which could have a negative impact on his business, because publicity does not benefit professional capper. Vulgaris partly achieved what he wanted, a contract was signed with him in the 2009/2010 season, and he became a consultant on the issues of signing new players and determining the starting composition. Experience in the NBA disappointed Voulgaris. “It’s as if they give you a puzzle and ask to solve it, but for this you need a key, but they didn’t give it to you” - Vulgaris shares his thoughts.

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