In the Call of Duty series, you rank up as you play and get kills. The same goes for weapon accessories and camouflage. There are some simple steps to be successful in boosting, buy CoD MW leveling, and getting all the accessories and weapon camo you need. While many people object to the increase, I have no problem. A video game is all about having fun, and if boosting it makes the game fun, then go for it.

Step one: hitting your class

When propelling, you must ensure that you are silent and spawn in front of each other. One of the best things about Modern Warfare 2 is tactical insertion. Tactical insertion will mark your spawn point, allowing you to spawn right in front of the person you're driving with. Tactical insertion when boosting is essential, so make sure it's your team. Another important aspect is having a silencer for the weapon you are using. If you don't have a silencer, enemies will be able to see you and kill you on site. Most of the people in this game don't like boosting, so when they find one, they will search for the whole game. You must have cold blood, ninja, as well as a silenced weapon.

Step two: the correct map

Some maps in Modern Warfare 2 are suitable for boosting. Use maps that are large enough, but that allow you to enlarge many places. A bad map to push is "rust". It is very small, and when people look for you, they can easily find you. Great map to push is the "invasion". It is a very large map with many buildings and places to push. You need a secret location that you and your partner know, but it will take time for other people to find it. A great way to find boost locations is to head over to YouTube and search for boost locations. This is the easiest way, since people show videos of them finding good places.

Step three: the correct game mode

While there are many game modes, the easiest game to push in its free game. Free-for-all is ideal because it only has eight players in total. The fewer people, the better.

Step four: know when to leave a lobby

If a boost has been found, the entire team will generally come looking for you and your partner. It will be very difficult to push it and they will almost always find you. If this is the case, I recommend that you and your friend go back out of the lobby and choose a new one. It will be much easier and less complicated.

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