There are cold calling scripts available for free. There are cold calling scripts available for a fee. You can read those scripts word for word or absorb the words and speak from memory. Yet still the results you want seem to be just out of reach.

Why is that happening? What is wrong with the scripts? Are the writers holding something back? Better yet what do you need to do to get a script to work for you and get you where you want to go?

First, know this: words are important, but there is more to the cold calling script picture than words. The order of your words is critical. They get you from “Hello” to the end of the call. The words are the roadmap to the call. Although, the call will last a maximum of 90 seconds you do need a plan. An effective script is such a plan. The words you chose to use are equally important. They tell you prospect whether or not you know the lingo of decision makers. If you can talk-the-talk, your prospects think, maybe you can provide a much needed business solution. Conversely, if you cannot talk-the-talk you will never get past the Gatekeeper.

Still to get predictable, successful outcomes with your cold calling scripts you need more, much more than words. You must understand the unspoken communication as well as you the words that are said. The way you speak, the underlying emotions behind the script will be recognized by your prospect immediately. Even when you do not want them to know how you are feeling your prospects will know. They will know if you are a player who belongs in the decision-makers’ circle or someone who really belongs with the low-levels of the organization. They will know whether or not you are fearful. They will know whether or not you are confident.

In the face of this realization a sales professional has to ask, do I know as much about me as my prospects know from one cold call? Probably not.

To reap the rewards of cold calling success there is a learning curve and a price to pay. The cost? Getting out of your comfort zone. Successful callers do what it takes to replace fearful thoughts with empowering thoughts. They cultivate high-level verbiage and thinking. Chose to make these changes and you will find a striking change in your confidence that will radiate throughout each prospecting call.

Your tone alone will convey that you have what your prospects need. That is the real power of successful cold call scripts.

Here is a quick and easy way to pinpoint where exactly you are in the process. Call your phone. Leave a voice mail message. Listen to that message. Ask yourself, would you do business with you? If you answer, yes, then hit the phones and get appointments. If you waffle or answer, no, then work the process though until you can say with confidence, absolutely I would do business with me

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