Companies are multiplying on social networks which they have understood the opportunities that could ensue: face the giant Facebook, companies seem yet pamper the concise and direct exchange with their customers that offers the bluebird. Twitter today represents more than 285 million users with 6000 tweets per second; the site is in constant boiling around the world reduced to 140 characters.

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Define a marketing strategy on Twitter

Defining your goals is essential in a good strategy on Twitter. Let's look at the important points to keep in mind:
•Identify the audience you are targeting.
•Define the objectives.
•Identify the points of interest of the targeted audience.
•Write and define a "tone" of tweet according to your goals.

What Content for Strategy?

You have to tweet content that speaks and captivates your audience. If you post irrelevant content your target may lose interest, not react, or even unsubscribe.
Your E-reputation depends on the content you are going to share. Tweeting useful and educational content to your audience, allows you to ensure an expert position in your field.

Publish content from your own website on a regular basis, but do not hesitate to publish the contents of your eve. This will make your tweets feed more dynamic and allow interaction opportunities with your partners and your audience.

“For a better visibility, you can build your tweet by replacing some (not all) words with a relevant hashtag. Also, keep some space to insert an illustration in connection with your tweet; this will capture the attention of your subscribers.”

A Reactive and Active Audience

At first, clean the accounts you follow, no need to be burdened with an account inactive or irrelevant to your marketing strategy on Twitter.

The most important is the provision of useful and interesting content for your audience, it must follow you. It takes time and patience.

To accelerate and position yourself is a must, it is good to identify and get closer to influencers according to your goals. You can then proceed to their “activation". For that, we must first follow them. Then, react to their publications (FAV, RT) and interact with them directly (by mention in your tweets). It also takes time, but the return we get is beneficial. This activation builds your notoriety and allows you to increase your number of subscribers faster.

Humanize Yourself

Your customers or followers want to interact with real people who understand them, your Twitter account must have a "voice”, a personality corresponding to the identity of your brand but also to the target audience: it is important to insist on the human side to get closer to its customers. Down with constant brand promotion, act as a simple Twitter user while discerning the professional side of the staff.

Feel free to respond to your customers, mention that you appreciate their support during events such as reaching a number of followers or the anniversary of the brand. Twitter users enjoy humor, a trending worldwide your strategy, as long as it makes sense for your brand and your audience. You still have to be cautious because the bad publicity can make you lose a lot of followers: it is important not to ignore the dissatisfied ones having had a bad experience with your brand and rather to interact thoughtfully in real customer service.


Like a Hollywood movie, your followers will be intrigued by a “behind the scenes” of your business and will feel involved in advancing your efforts. Do not hesitate to share photos, testimonials, and reflections: your followers will be delighted to have a glimpse of what is happening inside. Also, it is not advisable to speak only of oneself: share the contents of other entities that you find interesting. The notion of sharing is important on a social network, and your ability to observe the world around you can only be a valued quality of your followers: moreover, this simple sharing can flow on positive externalities such as better visibility or potential partnerships.

Be Present But Not too Much

To give too much importance to the bluebird would be clumsy and risky, it is certainly important to be reactive but it does not follow from omnipresence. Be moderate in your business, rewet and promote content related to your business wisely as the mentions that a response will not always be wise. There are many alerting tools and automatic watches to avoid being focused on your Twitter account: the communication must be worked.

Twitter is now the social platform preferred by Internet users who want to be kept informed of new products, promotions, quizzes ... So do not neglect your initial goal by creating your Twitter account that it is to create visibility, traffic to your site, customer loyalty, etc. If not, you will create confusion both with your followers and within your brand.

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