Seth Godin, brilliant marketer, business strategist, and all around innovative thinker, hit another home run with his blog entitled "Unrealized Projects."

He writes about the academy award winning director, writer, producer, and artist, Tim Burton, who created "some of the most breathtaking movies of his generation."

No surprise there when you review even a partial list of his hits: "Sweeney Todd," "Bat Man," "Beetlejuice," and "Edward Scissorhands."

What did surprise Godin was learning that "almost every year over the last thirty, he worked on one or more exciting projects that were never green lighted and produced. Every year, he spent an enormous amount of time on failed projects."

So what are the secrets of successful artists like Burton?

Godin sums it up as follows:

"One key element of a successful artist: ship. Get it out the door. Make things happen.

The other: fail. Fail often. Dream big and don't make it. Not every time, anyway.
Tim got his ideas out the door, to the people who decided what to do with them. And more often than not, they shot down his ideas. That's okay. He shipped. Next!"

This advice can just as easily be applied to executives, entrepreneurs, and business owners.

I would only add that Tim Burton most likely was driven by inspiration.
All of his emotional, mental, and spiritual channels were open. No blocks. It follows that if you are in an inspired state, you are more likely to do your best work, to create unique products, to solve problems, or make a winning sales pitch.

It is much harder to think creatively if your energy is laden with fear, doubt, or worry that the other guy might get ahead of you. If that is where you are energetically, do everything in your power to work through these emotions: meditate, exercise, listen to your favorite piece of music, talk to your friend, therapist, coach, partner, or spouse.

Most importantly, focus on the end result. How will your life be different when you achieve your dream? What impact will it have on your family? Feel yourself completing your unique journey, relishing in the accomplishment, and cherishing the moment.

Now as you move into a place of inspiration and you are energetically aligned with your goal, take action and ship!

Author's Bio: 

Linda Cassell, certified executive coach, recruiter, workshop facilitator, and speaker, teaches executives how to jumpstart their careers to create new and exciting professional possibilities. Her clients learn customized personal development techniques and smart business strategies that help them make quantum leap changes in their thinking, habits, and focus. Social media, marketing, resume writing, interviewing and networking techniques are included as part of her coaching packages.

Linda uses an “inside-out” approach, believing that external change is an internal process. When clients have made the "mental shift" necessary to accomplish their goals, they have full access to their natural creativity. That is when the "magic" begins and the million dollar ideas surface. As a result, they create “inspired action plans” which lead to career and business opportunities that previously seemed unattainable.

As an entrepreneur and the product of a family business, Linda understands the environment and culture in which executives operate. Most importantly, she is results-oriented and has the experience and skills to facilitate positive change.

Prior to her work as an executive coach, Linda spent more than twenty years leading non-profit organizations. In addition to managing the operations of Quantum Leap Coaching and Training, Linda is president of Managing Partners II, LLC, a Delaware based company that provides coaching, development, and recruitment services to non-profit organizations. She is a member of the International Coach Federation and holds Bachelor and Masters Degrees in education from Kent State University in Ohio. Linda received her certification from the Coaches Training Institute, one of the world’s premier coaching schools.

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