There is in popular writing, and so in people's minds, some confusion over the distinction between creating and manifesting. These words point to two separate and important processes, and so, do not point to the same thing at all. Some of this confusion comes over the fact that the things that we desire to either create or manifest, are the same! But the processes we are using these words to describe most certainly are not. Using them interchangeably would be like using "baking" and "buying" as if they were one and the same action. If we try to bake when we're actually buying a cake, instead of getting the ingredients ready and turning on the oven, then what happens? I don’t know, but for certain, no cake shows up! So in every case, if we mistake one simple word for another, clarity suffers, and in turn, so does our access to the incredible ability we have for manifestation! Since we customarily desire to manifest what we want, in real time and space, it would behoove us to clear up our use of this distinction so that we can most effectively manifest our desires.

We often hear that if we desire to have something, "then all we have to do is just create it." But think about that. Can you create a dollar? Do you even know how? Or a relationship, a car, or a cherished avocation? How is it possible to even create these things? For most of us, it is not even possible to create them. Yet all of us have it within our power to manifest them. How come we can't usually create them? For two reasons. Let's take the example of the dollar first.

Okay, in order to create a dollar, we would have to go out and purchase some special cloth impregnated paper, some ink, a few very expensive printing plates, a press, not to mention all of which is highly illegal, and also not simply just available at the local pick-quick shop. Sure, there are people out there with access to these things, but most of us don't have a clue as to where to attain them, and that's a good thing. It would cost a few hundred thousand dollars just to print one single dollar bill, and that's not what we want for our lives. We would like our dollars to come to us as profit, not loss. So creating even a single dollar in this physical way is out of the question. And then you might say "Well, that wasn’t what I meant, when I said create. What I really meant was I wanted to manifest my dollars." So if it wasn't what you wanted to say, why would we be trained to waste our energy saying what we don't want to do? Or even what we can't do? Point is, it is important to say exactly what we are intending to do, because this is the most efficient use of our energy, and efficiency supports us in producing results. The results we want!

And the second thing that is also usually out of the question, is the creation of most any other detail of our lives. Think about it, if we want to create our true soul mate, and we're over twelve, can we do this? No, we cannot. We cannot, because if we desire to be with someone, it would usually be with someone close to our age, and if they're close to our age, they're already here on Planet Earth! So there's no way to "create them" since they have already been created. And most likely, it wasn't us who created them! Same for that 1968 SS396 Chevelle you have been wanting. You don't need to create that either. It was done and painted back in '68. Same with that avocation, or that suit you desire. All done, all already here, and all just waiting for you. Waiting for you, to manifest them!

And that's the point. Your manifestations are waiting for you! Therein lay your power to have something show up in real time and real space in your direct experience. You always have perfect access to your ability to manifest something, because what we desire to manifest is already here, on Earth, in real time and in real space. Given that this is so, then if we take whatever energy we are devoting to this process of actually getting what we want, and give that energy entirely over to manifesting, or having something show up, rather than trying to create it, then it would stand to reason that our manifestation process will be much more successful. We get what we want!

If you think that this distinction is too small to bother with, think again. Think again, because doesn't even the thinking process take energy? And if you are devoting energy over to creating, or thinking that it is you who are going to create what you want, instead of you who with your energy are going to pull into your experience what you want, and is something that already exists, then you are wasting energy trying to do something that cannot be done. Wasted energy is misaligned energy, and misaligned energy goes off to be used for purposes other than the direct manifestation of what we desire to manifest. Think about it, it's just two words, right? But so are "good" and "bad" just two words, and yet if you interchange them in a mantra, what happens? One makes you feel good, and one makes you feel bad. And it's in our feelings that we have the maximum effect on just what we do manifest in our lives, because we are literal "feeling magnets" who draw in what we want the more we resonate with how good we feel about that manifestation. And what is resonation? It's something that comes from how we feel.

Take success, for instance. If you interview a thousand successful people, and I have, you will find that each one of them not only believed in the outcome of their success, no matter what field it was in, but they also felt and felt deeply, the good feelings associated with being successful with their particular endeavors. They just knew it would work out to their favor, and it was in this knowing which was generated by how they felt about themselves, that both acted as magnets for their continuing success! They didn't create anything, they manifested it! Only Source creates. But it is us, who ask, and so draw into our experience, or . . .manifest what we desire! And if we take every single bit of our energy and devote it to what we are able to do, then what happens? Our skill at manifesting becomes what others will tell us is "miraculous" and a sheer mystery to them as to how someone can do what we do. They marvel at how much of what we want is showing up in our lives. And they would be right, life is an incredible and miraculous mystery, with so many details of our lives unknown to us, but there is one very important detail that does not need to be unknown anymore, and that is the process we need to get into, in order to actually manifest in real time and real space, all that we desire. So let's get going and start manifesting, and how about right now!

Some simple steps for getting into a feeling place regarding manifesting what you desire:

1) Instead of thinking, which is the use of our energy for one purpose, try feeling. Ask yourself, "What does someone who is successful in manifesting what I would like to manifest, feel like?

2) Give up trying to create, and make the commitment to manifest. In this way, you can relax, because 99.999% of the work has already been done. And what happens when we relax about things? That's when what we want most easily shows up!
3) Give up trying to "figure things out" and instead, "feel things out." When we give up trying to do what only Source does, to know everything, and instead, do what we can do, appreciate everything, then that is a clear signal to Source that we are ready to manifest what we desire, and right now.

4) And finally, give up working so hard to try and create the form that what we desire comes in. I know, you may want the gorgeous, tall, whatever, but what if your true love is short and happy? And by the way, makes you happy being around them as well? Now that's a manifestation worth having! So form isn't important, feel is! Even with money feel is more important than form. What if you want to make enough money to buy a house, and instead, someone offered to give you one. Would you refuse the manifestation just because the form it was coming in wasn't what you expected? So the invitation is to begin to practice the giving up of your demands for what forms your manifestations come in, and instead, accept with joy what does come! In this way, what you are saying to the Greatest Creator Of All, Source, is that yes, I would like more of what I desire to manifest! And that's how your great internal permission slip for "having it all" really gets written. You go!

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TB Wright is the coursework creator for The One Penny Millionaire!(tm) a thirty week online seminar series designed to have you manifest all that you desire.

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