Remove social media from your phone.
Learn how to meditate in a way that works for you and never stop (I learned by reading the book Untethered Soul by Michael Singer).
Make reading a daily habit.
Have hobbies you genuinely care about that aren’t movies and TV (Game of Thrones is not a damn hobby).
Start tracking how and where you spend your time. (I love Toggl for online work; helps me be honest).
Set a notification on your phone or to-do list to send a nice message to family and friends at least once every few days. My relationships have never been stronger.
Find a form of exercise that you love and gives you confidence. I grew up boxing and it shaped who I am.
The next conversation you have, really listen and ask an open ended question as much as you can. You won’t believe how much better you will know someone.
Stop spending money on stupid shit like coffee at Starbucks and meals out. Save.
Make plans to travel. Doesn’t matter if it’s to the next town or a new continent.
Ok fine, 11. Get rid of things you don’t need. I just condensed my life to one suitcase to move to Europe. I’ve never been so cognitively free without “possession” over random things.

Author's Bio: 

Sri Tulasi is a professional astrologer and motivational speaker having more than 15 years of experience.