Backache may happen with the slightest of the wrong movement but certainly, a few tips can help you to prevent backache.

1. You must maintain a good posture from childhood. Avoid some of the wrong position activities like slouching or watching TV or reading in incorrect positions. Try to keep your back straight and support its needs.

2. Try to maintain your weight. Overweight or obesity is the mother of many ailments and backache is one of them. People having obesity mostly deals with backaches as the pressure on the backbone is much more.

3. Back exercise with the right guidance like some form of consistent stretching and yogic postures is helpful for backaches problems. Having rich food in calcium and vitamin b and d gives food to the bones and keeps them healthy and strong.

4. Some of the hereditary factors or other psychological factors such as job stress and dysfunctional family relationships actually may correlate with the backache than structural abnormalities. So try to keep a positive environment all around you.

5. Wearing a back brace also helps you take care of your backache and can avoid major problems in the spine, it supports your back and keeps the spine stiff.

There are many ways where the backaches can be cared for by wearing right-back braces. Wearing the right type of back support helps in recovering quickly from an injury that has occurred. But you should consider wearing the right type of back support which suits your physical condition. There are different types of back support or braces

Lower back braces - The lower back braces are also of two types one is the Trochanteric back braces and the other is the lumbosacral belt wraps. The lumbosacral belt prevents motions by putting pressure between the hip bone and the sacrum. The Trochanteric back brace prevents problems like a fracture to support and immobilize the pelvic area of the back and it buckles in the front.

Corset back brace - This lace-up on the front, back, or side runs up on the shoulder straps and long ties. They offer a bit more flexibility as compared to rigid braces having metal pieces that run along the back of the corset. They offer rigidity and support. A short corset brace comes in handy which supports the lower back and a long corset brace helps to support the upper back as well.

There are also other types of braces available including Hyperextension braces, elastic braces, and rigid braces. Each brace has a specific role to help the patient overcome the problem of back pain or a back injury.

At GPC, we manufacture different types of back braces with high quality. They are specific about each part of the brace and are worth your spending money.

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