Back Pain is the most common symptom that everyone goes through uncounted times in their lives. Most of the people usually ignore it but in the long run, it gets worse if not treated well on time. Now there are lots of reasons which results in back pain. Sometimes it could only be a simple muscle pull or sometimes some severe tissue damage. It affects almost every age even children thus it is very important to take prevention measures.

Now there are multiple reasons that might cause back pain but some of the usual ones are as follows:
Sudden muscle or ligament pull:
It is the most common symptom linked with back pain and occurs when a body stretches in an uncomfortable position or sudden heavy weight lifting. That is why it is very necessary to keep your body active by doing some physical activities like some light exercises or running.

Ruptured disc:
It is another common factor for back pain and mostly occurs in aged people. It is also known as a slipped or herniated disk. It occurs when the disc which acts as a cushion between bones slips out and causes strain on the nerve which results in severe pain.

It is a problem associated with the sciatic nerve which is a large nerve start from the lower back and stretches to both the back of both the legs. When some pressure is applied to this nerve pain occurs in lower back spread out to the legs. It can also occur because of sleeping in an awkward position and mostly occurs in females.

It is a condition that causes bones weak and brittle that they can’t even resist small jerks and falls and could break or get fractured. This condition mainly occurs in women after the pregnancy because they get deficient of calcium and vitamin D.

There are some factors that ultimately lead to back pain. Some of them are listed below:
Aging: The foremost factor is increasing age. As a person starts to get old, the body tends to get weaker thus causes pain in different body parts including back.
Lack of activity: When a body is not used to some daily activity like exercise or stretching then the body can suffer from back pain in the future because of weak and untoned muscles.
Heavyweight lifting: When some heavy weighed objects are lifted, it puts a strain on the back muscles causing back pain.
Sleeping habits: Back pain often occurs because of uncomfortable sleeping habits like sleeping in one position for a too long period, sleeping on a mattress that isn’t appropriate for your body posture.

Now every back pain is not acute to see a doctor so here are some symptoms when you should consider consulting a doctor:
• That lasts more than two weeks
• After some injury or fall
• Pain with fever
• Pain with numbness in legs
• Pain with weakness and dizziness
• Weight loss for no reason
A doctor might run some tests to diagnose the actual reason for such factors as they could be associated with some kind of disorder or disease.

Some home remedies which are useful for back pain relief are:
• Placing a hot water bag on the site of pain so that the contracted nerves relax.
• Although resting will give relief but for faster healing try moving around to ease the muscles.
• Using analgesic creams or gel.

Other than home remedies there are also some medical measures that could be taken such as:
• Taking anti-inflammatory or pain killer tablets
• The back pain that doesn’t respond to pain killers might need a doctor’s prescribed medicines or muscle relaxant
• Physiotherapy can help to a very high extent in relieving back pain.

Although there are numerous remedies for back pain, it is always said that prevention is better than cure. So here are some preventive measures you could take against back pain:
• The foremost prevention is to be always active. One should always have some activity at least for half an hour in the entire day to keep the body muscles relaxed.
• Don’t start to exercise or gym suddenly without any stretching or warming up because the body is not used to it and could put a strain on the muscles hence causing contracted muscles.
• Improve your sitting and sleeping postures. Sit with your back straight and proper support and sleep in a relaxing position on a mattress that suits your body posture.
• Avoid lifting heavy weights and don’t take the support of your back for lifting things rather use legs.
• Avoid wearing high heels when suffering from back pain and prefer flat and soft sole footwear
• Avoid sitting for long periods. Take a walk or do some stretching after some intervals.

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