Eat less sugar, you are already sweet enough! Being an Indian sweet is what we all fell in love with every day. But are we going on right path by consuming this sweet thing called sugar, which is unfortunately not sweet for our body. Per some study daily intake of sugar should is on an average 30 gms for women and men. But there’s nothing wrong in keeping it low. Sugar though can provide you with a short-term pleasure or delight but its taking a healthy hour from your life. Isn’t it unfair of sugar to do so. Here are the reasons why sugar cannot be a part of your healthy hour and avoiding it can keep up the glow of good health. Sugar contributed to obesity and diabetes which certainly affects the heart as it raises the cholesterol level. Sugar is not bad until you can burn more than you consume. But it’s not just so practical in daily life of a working human. With high consumption of sugar, you start storing fat in your body. With eating extra sugar, you are unable to store nutritious food, which can lead to a start of unhealthy lifestyle.

Body does not know what to do with extra sugar you have, resulting in unhealthy storage. Brain need only minimum amount of sugar for functioning, excess of it can even cause a damage to brain. Rise in the level of sugar in your blood can hike problems, it can lead to closing of arteries. Sugar is considered not beneficial for your skin. Your skin needs elastin and collagen for developing skin into smoothness but sugar can lead to breaking down of these elements faster, hence resulting in skin with wrinkles and hardness. High sugar can lead to increase in fructose which cause can overload liver causing fructose to turn into fat. Sugar is not sweet as you think.

Cancer is one of the leading cause of death worldwide. Cancer cells are fond of sugar. Elevation of Insulin levels can play a major part in adding up to cancer. Elevation of insulin is caused by high consumption of sugar. Therefore, sugar plays a great role in the loss of your precious health. Sugar can also clamp down your immune system. Sugar also restrains the Human growth hormone.

Consuming sugar in small amount isn’t bad, but the truth remains that it does not have any nutritional value attached to it. It just fulfills your craving of sweet without adding anything to your nutritional value. That’s the reason what it is keeping you off from a healthy lifestyle. Just for the sake of tongue, don’t ruin your health. Treasure your health, as they say, “it’s the place where you reside in”; keep it clean. Don’t consider sugar as the only element that’s keeping you unhealthy, but it does play a major role in keeping you away from healthy.

A small amount of sugar in a regulated manner is no bad, but keep it within the limit. Sugar is as intoxicating and addictive as all other drugs can be. These are the changes in the inner body, but outside it can cause severer damage to your sweet little white teeth, and we are sure you don’t want to spoil your curvaceous smile because of sweet sugar.

It can raise the bacteria in teeth hence ruining your healthy shining white teeth.

So, next time you have yearning for some sugary food, stop and think, think do you really want to convert your healthy hour into an unhealthy hour , are you willing to pay a visit to the hair specialist in Mumbai isn’t bad, but its intake of it should be measured and then consumed. The healthy life isn’t far away, start with baby step of excluding sugar from your diet and good changes are coming in your way. The healthy life is sweeter than a small sweet bite of sugar. Hats why sugar isn’t sweet.

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Rashmi Adwani based in Mumbai , has been writing for various healthcare units. She has been writing various blogs for the past two years on various social platforms. Her articles are mostly about the woman’s health awareness. Her interest in forming a strong perception around topics which need awareness is responsible beyond many exceptional articles. Right now she is working with ALCS Hospital( to create awareness among masses women health.