A few years ago, I began my journey of developing healthy cakes with the idea that everybody can have sweets but feel less guilty afterwards.

Over consumption of sugar could have negative effects with regards to your well being. According to quite a few researches, unwise intake sugar could create tooth decay, diabetes, high level of cholesterol and it is connected with heart disease.

How do all of us reduce or prevent the listed harmful side effects onto our body?

First of all, we need to find out more about sugar.Sugar is a type of carbohydrates and provides a source of energy.
Refined sugars are normally applied to cake recipes.For instance, castor sugar and icing sugar are often used in baking.

The fact is refined sugars can place strain onto your body with little vitamins or nutrients.

Is there any substitute for refined sugars in our diet, especially with cake recipes under consideration?

Several dieticians consider that fructose which is also known as fruit sugar is much better substitute for processed sugar. However, a number of studies also pointed out that immoderate consuming of fructose would lead to metabolic syndrome and insulin resistance.

Artificial sweetener can add much sweetness to cakes with superb zero calories.I made a flourless cake by using it. It is sweet and moist, but is it 100% reliable? I suppose not. After examined on the elements of artificial sweetener, one ingredient named sodium benzoate. It is a preservative and it might cause hyperactivity. A few soft drink companies also use it in soft drinks. These companies are encountering to seek suitable alternatives. Low GI sugar seems like a potentially promising option.

It needs a longer period to be totally digested and supplies human body with a slower release of energy which actually curbs the hunger craving.

Consuming low GI food is tested to help prevent several chronic diseases, such as diabetes type 2 and over weight problems.

Until now, you might realise that there are not many 100% safe healthy options out there for us. However, natural sugars that exist in fruit and vegetables are always better than refined sugars. For the fruits that generally have a low GI score (< 55) such as apples, oranges, pears, peaches, grapes, strawbetties, blueberries, raspberries and bananas are ideal source for sugar and should be readily used in dessert recipes.

I have been following a half and 10% guideline. 50% percent of the sugar and 10 percent from this 50% is substituted by honey. Therefore you only use 60% of the sugar from the recipe. It is still sweet enough and tastes great. I have to express that developing a great healthy cake recipe is really complicated. It is necessary to experiment many times to get right of the texture, flavour and also moisture. Natural ingredients which include orange, carrots and pears are great to sweet pastries. They should be highly considered wherever possible.

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Julie Lee is a healthy cake creator. She is passionate about developing healthy gluten free cakes and finding out healthy options for cake lovers. To find out more about her visit http://www.customizecakes.com.au.