Electronics entrepreneurs are the business people who operate electronics business units. Ambitious individuals having an inherent interest in the way electronic gadgets operate and are aware of the latest trends in the electronics industry choose to become entrepreneurs in this field. The electronics industry is one of the fastest growing ones in the global arena, boosted by the rapid advancements in engineering and technology. This industry, especially the consumer electronics segment, provides various opportunities for entrepreneurs to explore. Consumer electronics are the electronic gadgets and equipment that are used in day-to-day life by the customers. While the Initiatives have been taken in this regards by many global and Indian Entrepreneurs, Sumit Walia, CEO of Creative Electronics has been the stalwart of that group for a long time now.

Sumit Walia

Sumit Walia and Creative Electronics, has achieved some great success in the recent years with their high end quality products and best in class services. As Per Sumit Walia,” Once it was not possible for small entrepreneurs to enter this field as it was characterized by huge capital investments and complicated manufacturing facilities, but now times are changing. The spurt in the market for digitally driven and small sized appliances like cell phones and tablets has made it possible for smaller units to enter the consumer electronics business. I and My team have also been through this process and we are up for the task ahead in the coming future.”

Sumit Walia and his team are still working towards creating new benchmarks for the electronics industry in India and with the kind of spirit he is going into the same, he is definitely up for something bigger and better for this Whole electronics industry in India.

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Sumit Walia, CEO of Creative Electronics has been the stalwart of that group for a long time now.