To gain a competitive advantage and drive the growth of a company, you need qualified and highly qualified professionals. To recruit that talent pool, the human resources recruiter plays the most important role in any organization. A Human Resources Recruiter (HR) is a person responsible for maintaining all levels of recruitment throughout the company. Also, to make a career in this field, one must have:

At least a bachelor's degree
Master in Human Resources
Knowledge of the entire recruitment life cycle
Know how from labor regulations
Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
Telephone and interview skills
Professional focus
Ability to work in various situations.
Time management skills
Project management and judgment skills.
Strong decision-making skills
Ability to maintain and manage confidential information
The job of a human resources recruiter is to achieve the personnel goals of an organization. The recruiting process generally involves setting recruiting needs according to the company's plan, advising managers, building candidate sources, attracting and evaluating candidates. The human resources recruiter is solely responsible for the results of the recruitment process within an organization. The recruiter not only manages the recruitment process, but must also take care of the quality of the candidates delivered, the timeliness of the recruitment and the costs of the recruitment process.

Some of the primary roles and responsibilities of a Human Resources recruiter include:

Discover and implement recruiting best practices
Coordinate with managers to determine requirements for a particular job position
Build networks to find qualified and suitable candidates
Advertising positions through various well-known sources that will attract talent
Candidate Resumes and Job Applications
Make sure the staffing requirements for a specific position are met in a timely manner
Manage social media and professional networking sites to identify and search for candidates
Perform benchmark checks
Conducting initial interviews, which include face-to-face and telephone interviews.
Partner with other human resources personnel to plan various activities
Design a recruitment strategy annually
Promote the reputation of the company.
Available jobs and salary in the field of human resources recruiter

Due to the increasing demand for quality labor in various companies, the demand for human resource recruiters is also increasing. There are different levels of HR recruiter jobs at various companies, including an entry level job for recruiting manager. In addition, in this professional career, you can also choose other specialized jobs related to the field of human resources, such as professional development specialist, junior business partner of human resources, etc.

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To gain a competitive advantage and drive the growth of a company,