One of the most important requirements of makeup on a bride is the weather. It is important to note that winter and summer bridal makeup tips and ideas are totally different, even for monsoon months.

In summer, humid and warm weather makes the skin look greasy and shiny, which makes it difficult to get the makeup on point. However, there are some effective summer Bridal Makeup, tips for best results. Here are some of the important information that you need to keep in mind.

Best summer bridal makeup tips:

No overdose of makeup

The main purpose of a moisturiser is to add nourishment to the skin, but if the skin does not dry there is no need to apply moisturizer. A forceful application of moisturizer will make the skin greasy and lighten the makeup in a humid weather. Keep in mind, a gel-based moisturiser is always better than a cream or lotion based moisturiser. This is the basic of summer bridal makeup tips.

Sweat proof concealer

A sweat proof concealer is one of the best that a bride should keep handy. In recent times, there are some products which are specially
designed , for the warm months. Use a sweat proof concealer and see how much less you sweat this season.

A transparent primer

Primer works as a base as well as a barrier between the skin and the foundation. A transparent primer helps create this barrier better by keeping the heat away from the makeup and neither will the summer heat penetrate into the skin pores.

Say ‘No’ to heavy foundation

Do not even think of an oil-based foundation when it is a summer bridal makeup. Also, in case of a liquid foundation use a nominal amount and try to spread it evenly with a wet sponge.

Waterproof mascara for over volumizing

Use a waterproof mascara instead of the one that adds volume and length to the eyelashes, this will prevent the colour from smudging due to the summer heat. A healthy makeup tip for summer brides- you can also opt for an artificial eyelash provided you use a waterproof coat of mascara along with it.

Long lasting eye liner

Your eyeliner is one of the main makeup products that should be kept fresh and highlighted incase of wedding makeup. Get an eyeliner that is super long lasting for summer makeup for brides.

Keep skin healthy

Start drinking lots of water for hydrating the skin at least 2-3 weeks prior to your d-day. Along with this, your sleep is very important to get a fresh look in summers. A healthy diet consisting of fruits and vegetables will be beneficial to bring a glow on your face.

Soft, powdery blush

Creamy formulae will invite fake shine and also tend to streak. Go for a soft, powdery formula that looks fresh and also absorb oil. If you want a more staying power, apply a cheek stain and top it with a matching blush.

Lastly, for summer bridal makeup tips, if you plan to take outdoor pictures in between 12:00 pm and 2:00 pm, don’t forget to carry an umbrella to protect your face from the sun. also, pack an emergency kit consisting of a compact, powder-free blotting, lipstick to get rid of the shine and a small tube of concealer and a tiny synthetic brush for easy and quick touch ups.

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