The summer season brings a great opportunity to improve your health, raise your fitness level, reduce some body fat and have more fun. That’s a good combination don’t you think? Summer days are longer giving you more time to get outside and enjoy nature while getting more exercise.

It’s always a good idea to change your exercise routine with the start of a new season. In summer you can get outside in nature and hike, bike and swim and focus more on endurance and less on intense exercise sessions. If you have been doing strength training in a gym, change your routine. Functional fitness exercises using just your own body weight, such as pushups, chin ups, squats, lunges, abs, etc are a good change and are much more fun to do outside at the park, beach or in your own back yard. Your body loves change and variety and you will experience the benefits.

It’s also a good idea to give your body a cleanse at the beginning of a new season. Even one to three days of juice fasting with some cleansing herbs can be very beneficial for rejuvenating your digestive system and energizing your whole body.

Warm days are also an opportunity to eat lighter, more natural meals on a daily basis. The biological reason we eat is to produce heat to stay warm, that’s what calories is all about. In summer you do not need as much dense, high fat, high calorie, animal and starchy foods. Your body needs more raw, water containing foods such as juicy fruits and vegetables. It’s a good time to introduce more raw natural foods grown by mother nature into your daily diet. You will increase your energy and reduce your body fat if that’s something you need.


1. Drink more pure water on a regular basis throughout the day.
2. Avoid so called energy drinks filled with chemicals,
dyes and sugars.
3. Eat small lighter meals
4. Eat more raw foods
5. Try a vegetarian diet several days a week.
6. Exercise in the early mornings or late afternoon
7. Exercise out side, in nature when possible
8. Avoid soreness and injury by beginning slowly when trying new types of exercise. Every sport and types of exercises require different muscles
9. Do not avoid the sun, avoid getting sunburned.
10. Don’t forget to do some regular exercise as mentioned above when travelling.

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Rico Caveglia is a certified fitness trainer, nutritional consultant, speaker and author of 13 books and creator of the Ageless Living Lifestyle. He can be contacted You can sign up for his FREE info letter and receive the E- Book “The 10 Keys to Health, Longevity and Happiness”