Summer is around the corner and it can only mean one thing, gardening enthusiasts will be busy preparing their lawns. So, out come the lawn mowers, the shearers and the hosepipes. It conjures all sorts of images and smells; grass that has been freshly cut, dogs chasing after lawn mowers and kids running about on the freshly cut lawn.

Gardening can be an enjoyable experience as well as a very stressful one at times. But when you look at what can be achieved by avid gardeners in their gardens, how beautiful and pristine they can make them look, I'm sure everyone will agree that it is very worthwhile to put as much effort into their gardens as possible.

The strange thing is this single act of tending to one’s garden, just as the weather is warming up, creates some sort of phenomenon. It has a knock-on effect around the neighborhood. As soon as one person in the neighborhood mows their lawn, you will see others busy preparing their respective lawn mower to mow their lawn. Then you will find the whole place smelling of freshly cut grass!

In addition, there is the inevitable “competition” to show off one another’s gardening tools, especially the lawn mower as if to say, “Mine is bigger / better than yours”! The competitive factor also ties in with the pride that most lawn owners have, that their lawn has to be perfect and no one should be able to comment on its shortcomings.

At the end of the day, it all boils down to the ease of cutting the grass and the finish of the lawn. Obviously, because of the various types of lawn mowers out there, just like cars, the models seem to change constantly. This creates the need for lawn owners to change their mowers constantly. On the other hand, you have others who would rather have the old-fashioned models for sentimental reasons.
Another important thing that has to be taken into consideration is the size of the lawn and if the lawn mower is to be used for a residential, small garden or a much larger lawn. The way the mowers have evolved now, they range from the cylinder, the hover, the ride on and the robotic mower. There are also mowers fueled by petrol, electricity or even rechargeable batteries. The robotic ones even dock to be charged! But never mind what type of mower you have, as long as you use it properly it will definitely do a good job for you and get your lawn looking great.

Having said all this, only one thing is certain. The weather is warming up and gardeners are all gearing up for the “big race”, the race to have the best-looking lawn! Gardening is such a diverse area and gardens can have so many different styles, that is what is so appealing about gardening. When you look at all the gardens out there you can really tell between those that have put a lot of effort into their gardens and those that have not because the best ones always stand out from the rest.

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