Summer Solstice - that marvelous time of the year where there is more light and more fire than any other time.

Summer Solstice is the time when we can work and play longer. The Universe is also working and playing with us longer. We come in out of the cold in many places and get to take layers of clothing OFF. We are getting exposed. The cleansing is taking place by fire. Now is the time to do group fire rituals. Time to pierce the payers of the seen to meet the unseen. Let the heat of the desert crack you open.

Astrologically: The baton passes from mental Mercury Gemini to wickedly sensitive Cancer. The lover of the mind in all its forms transforms into the lover of all things home. Cancers want all their people around then in cozy places with good food. They want you behind their white picket fence with them. So Solstices startle these two diametrically opposed signs. This is part of the alchemy that creates either great transformation or great agitation. If you want to have the great transformation, do lots of Sitali Breath to calm the fire

Sitali Breath

Breathe out that stress…

Roll the tongue and stick it past your lips. If you cannot roll it, just make an “O” shape with your mouth with the tongue protruding slightly beyond the lips. Breathe in deeply through the mouth. Exhale slowly through the nose emptying the lungs all the way.

1-2 minutes

The best anti-stress breath available. The breath passing over the wet tongue creates a cooling effect.

If you want to use the fire as an alchemical process, then do lots of Breath of Fire. Rapid continuous Diaphragmatic Breath; great for energy and opening up the solar plexus.

What needs to happen to get ready for Solstices: Do a cleanse, pick a meditation and commit to 90 days to shift something, meditate on what you need to birth. I am birthing both my book The Moon She Rocks You, which you can find here:


Have you ever just thought you just don't have the time or you can't sit or... well, let me tell you all that is so not true. We make time for what we want or what we feel needs to happen. So realize you need meditation and see how much better your life becomes. Secret: Even if you do it while taking a walk or a bath, it counts. Clear the deck of your mind. Stop being ruled by the past haunting you with old stories and perceptions. If you need help picking one, get my flip charts at, they have really short ones that you can do all day long.

Remember, there is no meditating too long. Just commit to a time: 11 minutes or 22 minutes or 62 minutes. In the first several pages of The Slice of the Beloved, there is a time chart and it will tell you what each group of minutes will do for you. i.e., 3 minutes affects your circulation, your magnetic field and your blood system. Wait till you get to the 62 minutes. YUMMMM. Medication or meditation, you choose. Choose now. The world requires us all to meditate to counterbalance all the medication which is part of the problem or part of the solution. We are truly part of both. Which do you want to expand.

Have a blessed Solstice time and use this time to get ready so the 20-22nd can truly be about deep transformation. Make yourself the offering you are bringing into the world.

~Gurutej Khalsa

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For over 40 years, Gurutej has been teaching people how to connect to their higher consciousness through yoga, chanting, meditation and healing. Everyday she lives the meaning of her Sikh name, which translates as “the one who brings you from darkness into light at the speed of light.”