If you're looking for 3 great approaches to weight loss and losing fat/ weight this summertime, then you will want to read this article today. In this article we will be covering how to lose weight by eating like a baby, using two different exercise methods and staying naturally active. After reading this article, you should be able to take action into losing weight like never before!

OK let me kick this off by saying eat like a baby. Well nearly, I mean to have your pattern of eating to be like a baby. I want you to eat 5 to 6 small snacks/ meals per day, trust me you will not be too hungry. This is because we will set our meals like this - breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner and then may be one snack. Protein equals increased metabolism because the body finds it harder to break down and digest, try eating lean, none fatty protein in each meal. This can include chicken breast, tuna, lean poultry and fish, none-fat yogurt or cottage cheese etc.

Watch your portions of carbohydrates; eat your carbohydrates at breakfast, snack 1 and lunch, also try to eat none processed foods like whole grain brown rice, Pasta and whole grain cereals that are unsweetened. Exercise anaerobically and aerobically in your work-outs. Ok this is what I want you to do, firstly exercise anaerobically; (working with-out oxygen in your work-outs, so you are very out of breath) we will do this by lifting weights and performing explosive exercises like plyometrics and callisthenics. You will then need to move on to the aerobic exercises, I like to work on power walking, swimming, shadow kickboxing, going on my cross trainer and performing kata's from martial arts.

So recap our work-outs, firstly we do anaerobic exercise (this really kicks your metabolism up a gear or so), then secondly aerobic exercise like walking. The order is very important so remember this. Be naturally active, I want you to do is stay active throughout the day, try taking the stairs instead of the elevator, take two 15 minutes walks in your breaks at work, buy a dog and walk it or even walk to work.

When I was working in a telephone based job, I would stand up most of the day because standing burns more calories then sitting down. This even keeps that metabolism naturally active too. Lastly try drinking ice cold water as your normal drink; this will help keep your metabolism geared up. Well then there you have it, 3 different but very effective weight loss approaches for you to work on, but do me a favour just take action, yes that first step is the hardest but when you gain motion you will look back 14 pounds lighter and be very happy.

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