It was already 77 degrees at a little before 7:00 when I began my walk this morning. The air was clammy in Fort Tryon Park in northern NYC and the Hudson River was veiled with fog like a bride searching for her groom.

Thankfully, a breeze saved my fellow exercisers, dog walkers and me from spontaneous combustion!

Part meditation, part self-reflective therapy, my walks are central to my staying grounded and grateful.

Something wonderful happens when I walk in the Park, without any conscious effort on my part; the birds, flowers, trees and the river help me access lightness of being I become more connected to myself and others, more hopeful and in powerful surrender.

Like a spiritual chiropractor, the universe intervenes and aligns me with all the good stuff of living. It is my job to get to the park, what happens next as a reward for my effort, is priceless.

What in your life allows you to feel this way? Think, relatively easy, or it won’t feel like a gift. Figure out what it is and make it a priority to give it to YOU every day. We deserve to treat ourselves well, even if it is only for a short time every day....

Something or several special things you do for yourself every day will build your happy muscles; fill up your soul and be a gift to every one you interact with all day long.

Author's Bio: 

Mary Fitzpatrick, LCSW, CHT is a Licensed Psychotherapist, Certified Hypnotherapist, Astrologer, Writer and Public Speaker. Mary is an expert Relationship Coach, Money Mentor and Psychological Astrologer

Mary brings 35 years of skill, wisdom, compassion and humor to all her work and is the founder and CEO of Limitless Horizons,, a company dedicated, since 1994, to helping people live authentic, fulfilling and prosperous lives.