These two supplements will amp up your immune system and keep allergies, viral infections or that strange “why do I feel so yucky when I should feel great this summer” feeling at bay. Introducing: Olive Leaf and Oil of Oregano. The combo you need to feel amazing all year round! (No, this is no commercial. I just get excited to share the news!) Here’s the scoop on two of my favorite supplements.

Olive Leaf has been used medicinally for centuries, and considered by many to be a most potent and sacred herb. Even Hippocrates was a fan and you will most likely become one too. The olive leaf contains powerful antioxidants that are more than just an amazing health tonic, but also anti-microbial and can be used to ward off the flu, common cold or any type of bacterial infection. It’s shown amazing results in the treatment of Herpes virus, retrovirus, shingles, Epstein-Barr, Hepatitis B, candida, throat infections, ear, dental or urinary tract infections, allergies, HIV/AIDS, chronic fatigue and even supports the cardiovascular system and increases energy levels. I first used Olive Leaf for a strange virus that left little bumps on my hands. Within a day (no kidding!) and along with Oil of Oregano, not only were the bumps gone, but I was running NYC with loads of energy that I thought was only part of my youth! Barlean’s delivers an Olive Leaf product that will meet the best of any standards and Nature’s Way has a good product as well. If you suffer from any of these conditions, look into this powerful herb. I use it anytime I start feeling a little “off” and it does the trick!

I use Olive Leaf with Oil of Oregano for that extra one-two punch. Oil of Oregano is a pungent, bitter herb extracted from the Oregano family, but you can’t receive the medicinal benefits from what you’d eat on your pizza! I recommend taking the capsules instead of the oil, as the taste is.. WOW! But, whatever way you get it down, you’ll benefit none-the-less. It is another power-house antioxidant that is used for clearing the common cough, easing migraines, healing skin infections, anti-fungal, strengthens the immune system, eases sore throat, improves breathing & respiratory difficulties and even controls dandruff. North American Herb and Spice has a capsule that is potent and will do the job.

Use these herbs this summer to keep your physical self in tip-top shape. You’ll have enough energy to clean the closets, wind-surf, compete in a marathon and walk amongst the lilies without even a sniffle or cough! Enjoy the weather and take great care of yourself! Let me hear your feedback!

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