O Sun God that rises in the morning! You are the very life force of all energies. You fill up that light which gives everyone energy, health and vigor. While eulogizing sun god the Vedas say: Sa na bhudati tanvetra jugo sajan. It means: O brothers and friends! See that ball of light rising in the east and which is none other than sun god. It wards off our bodily distortions and gives us sound health. There exist many Mantras in the Rig Veda which eulogize the power of bestowing good health by the sun. After studying it deeply one realizes that in India of yore solar healing was at its peak. It is certainly not exaggeration on our part to call it the cosmos’ first method of healing.

Modern healers and scientists too are experiencing the sun’s potency of bestowing good health. Indian and alien doctors have written many books on solar ray healing. There is a proverb in English: Light is life and darkness is death. Where solar rays or light reaches there the germs of illnesses die automatically and thus illness does not take birth. Through solar rays a downpour of many required elements is noted. When these elements are imbibed by the body many so called incurable diseases are rooted out. The scriptures proclaim that the 7 colors present in solar rays are violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red. Along with light these elements and colors too are showered on us. Due to this living beings and plants obtain new life and vigor. It is not an exaggeration to say that without the sun life in this world cannot sustain.

This is the very reason why Vedas give importance to solar worship. Our Rishis on imbibing solar power talked of living a life in tune with nature. Ancient Greeks too constructed solar healing hospitals wherein the sun was worshipped. The father of Allopathic Medicine Hippocrates too used solar healing methods. Of course it is our nation India’s misfortune that it invented and discovered many things but intellectual groveling crushed all of it to naught. From the eras of Maurya and Gupta Kings the art of Unani (Greek) healing came into existence. After that arrived Allopathic Medicine along with British rulers. Together with this ancient healing and research methods cam to a grinding halt. In today’s times the famous solar healing was given its present shape by Sir Palinjan Hone. He in his book ‘Blue colors and sunlight’ has described the cure of many illnesses via blue color and sunlight. After that Dr Yenscot in his book ‘Blue and red light’ and Dr Edwin Bebitt in his book ‘The laws of light and colors’ have thrown great light on this subject and Dr Robert Bohland has attained great success in curing otherwise incurable diseases with this art of solar healing.

Initially Dr Nice Phisen in 1293 AD after discovering the importance of sunlight had healed a patient of tuberculosis with this method in the year 1295 AD. But at the age of 43 years he passed away. Other scientists were not fully convinced. They conducted newer experiments. As a result in the world of medicine solar healing was given its due weight-age. Dr A. G Harvey, Dr Alfred Varaliyar etc established many sanatoriums. From the year 1903 Dr Rollier via these healing methods in Alps mountain range in a natural populated region called Lasin commenced curing patients.

At present research studies opine that all energies found in every particle and area of earth, have their source in the sun. Their pink, blue, green, yellow, orange, red rays are in reality energy vibrations. These in turn, by carrying various levels of ‘gifts’, which are to be given to various creatures and objects of our planet, are continuously crashing into interstellar space. As and when the miraculous layers of alpha, beta and gamma rays have unfolded to that extent one notes that these sources have a certain potential in them to become all powerful/omnipotent. Today mankind is amazed by the utility value of ultraviolet and infrared rays. In future the layers of potential that will open up are beyond the ken of the frail human intellect. Ones intellect soars in the world of miracles when one tries to think of its immense possibility.

Along with other objects the first to touch the sun’s energy flow is ultraviolet light. Wherever this contact exists there miraculous attainments are observed. Take the example of food. Their layers are more in contact with the sun directly. The surface of fruits, vegetables etc which are also called peels have a greater amount of vitamin D and other important constituents simply because it is in greater contact with sunlight. World famous Naturopaths have drawn the attention of laymen towards the special influence of solar rays which have been perilously ignored so far and they opine that one should not remain indifferent to nature’s priceless gift in the form of solar rays. Amongst those scientists who have researched on this subject is Dr James Cook, A.B. Garden, Venit, Frankeken, F.G. wales, James Jackson etc.

In early dawn, the amount of UV light present in sunlight is maximum and as the sun rises higher the amount of red light augments. It has the capacity of increasing heat. It is said that there is bodily and spiritual benefit in allowing the morning sun’s rays to touch the naked body. It has been accepted that there is benefit in walking in the early morning hours because the measure of contact made with UV rays cannot be done in the rest of the day.

Dr Warner Macfaden, Wendicut Lust, Stanley Leaf and other naturopaths give importance to the contact of early morning sunlight. These rays possess a lot of Vitamin D, B and A which can be imbibed by us creatures. In comparison to tonics that energize us it is more beneficial to imbibe these rays which are more potent and give definite positive results. Scriptural scholars have clarified further by saying that solar rays kill demons in the form of bodily germs, bacteria, viruses etc.

The first to describe the sun as giving good health is Shukla Yajurveda (33/36):

O Sun God! You are ever on the move and are known to destroy illnesses of your devotees. You give your sacred vision to all beings of this world and you give light to all objects that twinkle in the sky (stars etc).

In the Atharva Veda (9/8/19, 21, 22) it is said:

Illnesses pertaining to the leg, thigh, waist, shoulder, head, forehead, heart etc can be cured by the rays of the rising sun. In the same Veda again there is a description that patients can attain a long life span by imbibing blood red rays of the rising sun (1/22-1-2). In the Atharva Veda (6/83/1) it is said that the ‘Pandamala’ (anemia) illness can be cured by solar rays. In the Matsya Purana (67/71) it is vociferously proclaimed that one attains health benefits via the sun.

Via solar healing Shri Krishna’s son Samba was cured of leprosy. The courtier of King Harshvardhan, Mayur Bhatta who was the maternal uncle of Bhushan Bhatta the brother in law of Bana Bhatta was cured of a long term illness via solar healing. While eulogizing the sun he wrote the ‘Surya Shatakam’.

Ordinarily the sun looks whitish yellow in color and its rays appear brilliant. But in reality it is a mixture of 7 colors. An admixture of these, results in infinite colors of various shades. Every ray has its specific quality. What influence results on which object by which ray can be gauged by noting its color. It is not without a definite cause that we see various objects colored differently. Those objects with their special qualities have attracted and gathered certain rays of the sun. As a result they can imbibe that color which our eyes visualize and identify.

The utility of various hues is not limited merely to its identification but that by seeing it that quality is noted which that object has collected within itself via solar energy. Take the example of greenery. Plants, trees, grass etc are green in color. By seeing them we feel serene and happy. It is not without a cause that we feel joyous on seeing cool greenery in hot summer. Green color has that quality which helps one overcome the trauma of heat.

During winter when we see red color of the sun it induces heat in the mind. To ward off heat it is necessary to visualize it. When one comes near fire we definitely feel warm. Its red flame does not give any less joy. One experiences the abundance of solar heat in red color.

An American called Dr Ernest has advanced the science of knowing man’s inner state by looking at the increase/decrease of colors in various parts of the human body. Dr Sellit of Canada too has researched in this field and by merely inspecting the color of the skin, eyes, nails, tongue, urine, excreta etc of the patient has succeeded in knowing their inner personality’s state.

According to the principle of solar healing illnesses occur due to the increase/decrease of colors. Color is a chemical admixture. Our body too is made up of various chemical elements. Whichever bodily part has excess of a particular element accordingly that very part will have a corresponding specific color. All different bodily parts have different colors for example skin is brown, hair is black and eyes are white in color. Which element is less in the body can be gauged by examining its color based content. Sun has all colors. Hence we fill up bottles of various hues containing plain water and after keeping it in sunlight the color of the bottle is attracted by the water within to itself. Thus if this water is given to patients their illness is cured.

In the Atharva Veda (1/22) the following statement is found regarding solar healing:

Your yellowness (jaundice) and burning of the heart can be warded off by the grace of the sun. You must imbibe all its rays and the red color from all directions.

The sentiment is that patients with heart ailments and jaundice should sit nakedly and imbibe the sun’s rays at sunrise and drink the milk of a red colored cow which would prove to be very beneficial.

Apart from this scientists of solar healing opine that all illnesses can be cured by imbibing solar rays. In cases of lack of appetite, constipation, coughing, eye problem, mental imbalance etc solar rays are very beneficial. Dr Skilli feels that in order to get cured of various illnesses one should undergo solar therapy.

Within the realm of solar healing yellow color helps in digestion, blue color gives inner peace and serenity and red color gives heat. These 3 are the chief colors. Their admixture results in various other dark or light hues. Based on the state and requirement of the body sun rays can be filtered via a colored piece of glass and that color can be imbibed by the diseased organ/region of the body. Apart from beneficial utility of solar rays in solar healing one can benefit from solar bathing and Surya Namaskar Yogic exercise.

Ordinarily it is good to remain in contact with the sun. There is no need to move about in unbearable heat but one should dwell and work in those places that are exposed on and off to sun rays. We can get greater benefit in comparison to eating healthy food stuff by being in contact with fresh wholesome air and sun light.

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