The Sun, like every other planet and luminary, means and represents different things in astrology. Let us take a closer look at what does the Sun exactly mean and represent.

The Sun, also known as the giver of life, represents consciousness and alertness of our mind in astrology. It showcases our desire to live our life fully and live it in a creative way. The Sun is the force behind us that gives us a sense of direction and purpose in our lives, indicates our natal charts. It acts as an authority in our life and keeps our childish nature, hidden within us, under control. Had the Sun been not there, we would have been like an unruly bull without any sense of direction or objective in life.

The Sun is responsible for all the reasoning in our life and helps us make conclusive decisions. It is the one that gives us our identity and defines us. The way we describe ourselves is actually a description of our Sun. The Sun acts as our ego and represents our overall vitality. In short, it is the Sun that provides us with directions in our lives and can be considered as the supremo of our natal charts.

The people who can identify with and relate themselves to the expressions of the Sun can derive happiness from any situation or circumstance in life. They are also the happiest people on earth. However, there is a very thin line between identifying and over-identifying with the Sun’s expressions. If you over-do it, you may end up misinterpreting the traits of the Sun. Always remember that the Sun represents reasons in life and not instincts.

Unlike the other luminary, the Moon, the Sun is all about your present. It is more about what you feel and/or have today rather than what you had or felt in the past. It is the Sun that dominates your present and influences the decisions you make in your current situation as opposed to the Moon that instills the past through your feelings.

You may aspire to be a million things in your life as per the other planets and luminary in the natal charts, but what you actually are is a reflection of the Sun. It is the Sun that decides who you are and gives you purpose in your life. The Sun directs you in your life, makes you proud, sources for your ego and provides you with creativity. However, while the Sun has its own benefits, it has its pitfalls as well like it makes you highly self-centred, hot-headed and judgmental.

The position of the Sun in the natal chart by your zodiac sign represents the purpose of your life and the impact you will leave on the lives of others. It is the Sun that decides which one of your characteristics is going to outshine the others. So, know your Sun better if you wish to know the purpose of your life and get a definite direction in your life.

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