Sundance for Freedom

As the sun grows stronger and the days get longer I feel the call of the Sundance Ceremony.
Sundance is one of the seven sacred ceremonies given to us to help us live in balance. To not just survive here but to thrive.

Every year there are hundreds of Sundance ceremonies scattered all over the US and out side too. You hardly ever hear of them, if you are invited consider your self special. They have been very protected for a long time to keep the ceremony sacred and allow the dancers the privacy to really focus on their prayers.

Traditionally the ceremony was used as a way to manifest a prayer for either the tribe/community or a loved one. For instance a son goes to war, the father or some one close would Sundance to help send the son energy, wisdom, power and even luck. Maybe a tribe was experiencing drought, they would Sundance for water and bountiful crops.

Every community sets up their dance according to their own system. There are few things they all have in common. The dance is set up like a big pie. We go in the East quadrant, the east represents enlightenment. We are dancing for this. The childrens fire is located here and it burns the entire four days of the ceremony.

The dancers stay in arbors(dreaming-sleep space) that are small like 2 foot by 7 foot. This represents our own Box of limitations. The belief systems and ideals we put on our self. This is to help us understand that we create our own limitations here and we can dance our way out of them.
Each dancers designs a special shield that speaks of our dreams and what we want to make manifest in the next year especially.
There is tree in the middle of the dance, the tree represents the bridge between the worlds. It has deep roots in the earth but the limbs stretch out to the heavens. The tree carries our prayers out to the universe, to Great Spirit or Wakan Tanka.
The tree is decorated with special animal totems that help carry our vision out to the heavens.
We never turn our back on the tree the entire four days in the Sundance.
In our Sundance we dance 20 hours a day, sleep 4 hours then get up do a sunrise pipe ceremony and then we dance some more.
When your body is physically exhausted you are able to get out of the little me picture and sometimes have visions of your souls dream for this journey. Not always though. I Sundanced two years before I had a vision.
You can pray for self, life and others. This is a good year to pray for our country, for our community. For the freedom that our fore fathers fought for and declared in our own declaration of independence.
When the sun is at it's zenith, the energy of the sun can be channeled to our prayers for our country.
This is great year to dance and dream for Freedom, for personal autonomy, for peace, for a world who honers all teachers and all teachings and the freedom to follow our own path of heart.

May you walk in Beauty, may America the Beautiful continue to walk in Beauty and Freedom.

MarVeena-Ghost Queen

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