Sunil Robert started his lifestyles in Hyderabad spending his adolescence without any worries. His family, even though poor, were properly respected people within the community. Robert was popular among his pals. The existence of a worry-free life got to a rapid halt after his father lost his job and couldn’t find one

As he struggled through his school and college days, he grew sour and resentful towards his father, his relatives and the network which he lived in Robert observed himself getting acquainted with the nearby mob. So, Robert was determined to take control of his lifestyles. With the assistance and guidance of his family and the local community, he got his lifestyles back on track. He got a job and determined never to return to the dark days.

Sunil Robert is the author of the book will Survive: Comeback stories of a Corporate Warrior’. He has traveled the world giving speeches and seminars for people teaching them to by no means to give up and go against adversity.

His Mission

To transform the world with my Conversation abilities, is what you hear first when speaking to Sunil. His ardor is to attain out folks who are in hard situations and provide them hope and courage that they need to combat the adversaries.

All people have the right to a brand new beginning. And Sunil would offer strangers a second chance. Having worked his way up, regardless of early negative aspects, Sunil knows the price of second possibilities.

Transforming Prisoners

Sunil and his fellow volunteers instruct prisoners on the art of public talking, using gestures, evaluating their efforts and mentoring as part of a US Justice Department initiative to arrange the existence of inmates-transforming programs that could probably permit prisoners to live narrow direction after they are released.

His Video

The video depicts parts of his life which he narrated. He told a story that he nearly ended his life due to depression.

Adversity comes in different forms whether its financial, emotional or physical. Whatever adversity you may go through, do you surrender or do you go against it? When individuals hit rock bottom, most are driven to commit suicide according to Sunil Robert.

Name bullying, such as “Kalya. meaning dark-skinned person and alter as he was always wearing hand me down clothes as his pants needed to be altered when he was a child taught him a lesson in life wherein which he needed to stand up and fight the odds.

From that depression due to constant bullying, humiliation, and his family’s current financial situation he turned to a life of violence; beating up individuals for money. He was brought to a youth camp by a friend which made him realize the error of his ways.

His advice

Regain your emotional equilibrium when knocked down. There are some events in your life which you can control and you cannot control. When life knocks you down, you must regain control of your life.
Your dreams will make you rise and pave the way to a new beginning. Conclusion Education will pave a way out of poverty. A life of self-learning will propel you to regain your equilibrium. You only have to combat the odds to survive in this world and be successful through self-learning.

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