In the olden days of India, the punishment given to kids who are naughty or trouble makers or not performing well in studies was gunjillu(in Telugu) or thopikaranam (in Tamil). Indians religiously practice gunjillu in front of Lord Ganesha. Gunjillu was an integral part of Indian tradition. So why did teachers give gunjillu as a punishment, and what is the significance of practicing gunjillu in front of Lord Ganesha? Is there any reason behind these actions? Answers to these questions lie in the Super Brain Yoga technique.

Super Brain Yoga technique is a highly enhanced and modified version of gunjillu. This is given to the world by a Philippines Master named Master Choa Kok Sui. This simple technique, which takes less than 2 minutes to perform, comes with several benefits. Master Choa Kok Sui is an energy master and founder of modern Pranic Healing. He did extensive research on the benefits of this technique on school-going children in the US and found multiple benefits. According to the research done by Master Choa Kok Sui, below are the benefits of Super Brain Yoga.

11 benefits of Super Brain Yoga:
1. It increases the intellectual capacity of a person. It is a known fact that an average human being only uses a small portion of his or her intellectual capacity in life. With Super Brain Yoga, this unused intellectual capacity, which is latent in every person, can be tapped into and brought into use in daily life.

2. It improves memory and concentration. When a person has superior concentration levels, mental tasks like studying, programming, planning, etc. can be performed in less amount of time. And memory is important for academic performance.

3. It enhances mental sharpness and clarity. These are important attributes for the right decision making.

4. It shows improvements in children diagnosed with autism and ADD/ADHD.

5. It helps people with dyslexia, learning difficulties, Alzheimer’s, poor memory, and retention.

6. It improves the academic performance of school-going children. In research done by Master Choa Kok Sui, when children practiced Super Brain Yoga, they showed significant improvement in the amount of marks scored in tests. Not only improvement in marks but they also became calmer and more focused.

7. The left and right hemispheres of the brain become synchronized. This helps in the holistic development of a person.

8. It improves creativity in a person. Creativity adds joy to life and helps find solutions to challenges.

Creative Mind
9. It increases inner peace and calmness.

10. It offers relief from anxiety and other mental health challenges.

11. It gives greater psychological balance to the practitioner.

These are some benefits of doing Super Brain Yoga every day. The best part about this technique is it is simple to practice. Anyone can easily practice it. It takes less than 2 minutes to practice and yields many benefits when done in the right manner. So, how to practice Super Brain Yoga? Below are the steps.

Steps to practice Super Brain Yoga:
1. Stand erect.

2. Raise your left hand and hold your right ear lobe with thumb and index fingers. Your thumb should be facing outside.

3. Raise your right hand and hold your left ear lobe with thumb and index fingers. Your thumb should be facing outside.

4. Touch your tongue to the palate (the soft portion on the roof of your mouth).

5. Keep your feet apart – as wide as your shoulder width.

6. With hands locked as above, inhale and go down.

7. Exhale and come up.

This completes 1 round of Super Brain Yoga. Below are some important pointers to note while doing Super Brain Yoga.

1. Benefits are gained only when the above process is followed. The order of hands and right breathing are important to gain benefits. It took several years of research by Master Choa Kok Sui to devise the right way of technique, which yields benefits. Improper hand position or improper breathing will not yield benefits.

2. For better results, people below 40 years of age need to face East direction, and above 40 years of age need to face North direction.

3. Pregnant ladies and women in menstrual cycles should not practice this technique as this can burden their body and impact their chakras negatively.

4. Practice this technique on an empty stomach.

5. One can do 7 to 14 counts of Super Brain Yoga in a day. It is not advisable to do more than 14 counts.

6. People with knee pains should not force their body to go down. They can do half super brain yoga where they go down only as much as their body supports without burdening their knees.

7. To enhance the benefits further, one can do super brain yoga after simple physical exercises and 7 to 12 rounds of deep breathing.

8. This technique can be taught to children and adults of all ages.

These are the pointers to remember while practicing Super Brain Yoga. When Super Brain Yoga is practiced regularly, it makes a person intelligent and sharp. Wonderful results can be seen with just a few months of practice. This is the reason why in the olden days, teachers gave gunjillu as a punishment to children who were not performing well in studies. The punishment was used as a method to help the children.

And Lord Ganesha is considered as God who bestows intelligence and wisdom. When a devotee performs gunjillu in front of Lord Ganesha, he is bestowed with superior mental faculties. That is why, in India, Gunjillu are performed as an act of devotion for Lord Ganesha. Some of us reject or label our traditions as superstitions, but when we go deeper, we find logic and reasoning behind these traditions and ancient wisdom.

This article is gratefully adapted from the research and works of Master Choa Kok Sui. To read more about the experiments done by Master Choa Kok Sui and to understand Super Brain Yoga further, please read the book “Super Brain Yoga” by Master Choa Kok Sui. This book has many more insights on how Super Brain can help in daily life.

Wish you and your family happiness and peace!

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