If you continually do something again and again then it becomes boring, exercise is no different. Being a personal trainer in Swansea I can assure you that it is vital that you don’t let your training go stale. I love exercise, it is one of the biggest parts of my life but not even I could enjoy 100 sit ups a day 5 days a week, every week! By adding new exercises and types of training to your workout program you are ensuring that it never gets boring, as well as allowing yourself the opportunity to try out new potentially great exercises. Maybe even the ones you are missing to achieve your true potential.

Circuit training is a very popular method of training, and for good reason too!

Circuit training helps:

Improve muscular strength and endurance
Improve cardiovascular endurance
You make the workout specific to you and your goals
Burn more calories than conventional aerobic exercise
Reduce your workout time if you are very busy.
It also requires no expensive equipment!

Today I would like to give you a circuit for you to try in the gym or at home.

I will give you a few tips before I give you the actual circuit, these tips are designed to ensure you receive maximum benefit from the circuit:

Keep rest periods as short as possible, this ensures maximum calorie burn and also helps tap into your body fat stores sooner.

Perform between 8 and 12 reps, this helps you get a good calorie burn.

The heavier the weight the more metabolic boosting effects you will have.

So here is the circuit for you to try. You’ll notice that you’re going to perform two regular strength based move, one cardio based move, and then one abdominal based move before you take your rest.

Repeat each mini circuit twice before moving onto the next.

Circuit #1


Press Ups

Star Jumps

Lying Leg Raises

Circuit #2


Shoulder Shrugs

Squat Thrusts


Circuit #3

Squat Jumps

Shoulder Press


Stability Ball Sit Ups

Circuit #4


Lateral Raises

Running Knee Highs

Chest Flys

So next time you’re looking for something new to shake up your usual gym workout routine, make sure that you consider this fast fat blasting circuit program. It is a circuit you can easily do anywhere, all you need is a mat and a set of dumbbells, there’s no excuse not to get it completed as you move throughout your week.

Many thanks,

Richard Clarke

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