Will power, concentration, discipline are the Yogic practices of an ordinary life and can be advanced through any medium. It is the perseverance of the mind wherein instead of allowing our thoughts to scatter away we focus and concentrate them at one point. By correlating it to our daily routine activities we can stop our minds from scattering away. If one only does this one can become capable enough of imbibing spirituality. Yet this is not enough. In order to utilize this inspiring power on others one has to attain special credentials. Hence one has to undergo special spiritual practices.

In order to catch radio waves a transistor is required. But wherever transmitting machines are kept they are full of excess power and very expensive. Those objects nearby can be very easily seen with our own eyes. But if you want to hear and see things in far off places, a television that first imbibes and transmits pictures is required. The ears can easily hear any conversation that is close by. But if you want to hear a sound of a far off region then a telephone with powerful batteries is required. With ordinary speed even our legs can walk but if you want to travel at high speed then a car or a bike is needed and that too which has sufficient petrol/diesel. The same holds true for spiritual events. It is easy to imbibe but difficult to transmit. It is easy to get benefits and use up money but difficult to earn money and store it safely. There is not much difficulty in imbibing power from someone who has transmitted it to us. Because here a concentrated mind can do the needful. All this can be accomplished via spiritual practices. But this too can happen that if you conjoin extra enthusiasm and responsibility to those daily actions done with concentration then the scattered mind can get concentrated and focused in a small area. All activities like those in a circus, acting, keeping accounts like clerks, playing games, magician shows etc. depends on mental focusing and concentration. If they think something, do something else and thus scatter their thoughts, all their effort goes in waste. If one imbibes someone’s transmitted sensitivity and spiritual potential with concentration, one gains all round benefits.

To gain mediocre grade benefits it is alright to combine will power, desire power and concentration. If some incident takes place somewhere and if those news need to be sent to another place then only that much of the battery is used up as much as the imbiber catches it.

There are many problems to be faced while making steam from ocean waters so as to convert them to clouds but when these clouds shower rain the action is very facile. It is very difficult to awaken Kundalini Shakti (Divine Serpent Power). Here there is no need of self control and undergoing spiritual practices but suppose someone has already collected this divine power in his body then there is no problem in distributing some part of it to another person. One has to use one’s brains while earning wealth and has to make intense effort but if this money is to be loaned to someone or handed over as donation then a lot of wealth can be used up easily in a very short time. Austerities are to be performed by those who desire to give divine powers to others. This principle is at work right since ancient times.

One can remove one’s bodily part to donate it to another patient in need. (like a kidney etc.) For eg. heart, kidneys, eyes, blood are generally donated to others.

Vital force collection no doubt becomes one’s own wealth yet a generous donor can donate some part of this vital force to others. In spiritual terms this is called “Shaktipaat”. In our daily lives just as a wealthy person donates a part of his wealth to the poor in the same way those imbued with a great deal of vital force donate a part of their spiritual powers (divine wealth) to weak minded beings. Thus these poor beings overcome many hardships and also fulfil their needs.

There is a detailed description of Shaktipaat in texts like Yogachoodamani, Tejabindoo Upanishad, Jnana Sankalini Tattva, Hathyog Samhita, Kularnav Tantra, Gherand Samhita, Rudra Yamal Tantra, Yog Kundalyupanishad, Sharada Tilak etc. Over here strong will powered men donate a bit of their spiritual power to weak minded beings. Money can be either loaned or donated to others. In the same way these spiritual powers go to other capable beings in a natural manner when in the presence of a man of great spiritual powers or that it can be transmitted too using one’s potent will power.

When we sit near a burning stove we get heat. In the same way there is a need of close proximity of this power. This attraction/ repulsion between man and woman is natural. Hence Yogis in order to protect their power, stay away from the attraction of women. Even an intense friendship augments this flow. Hence it is a great spiritual loss for a person to be in the company of vile people. But it is a totally different story if willingly one donates one’s power to another person so as to raise him spiritually or induce his spiritual advancement. But even here one has to be cautious that the one who is given this power as donation does not misuse it for vile activities. Under such conditions what is given has to be taken back.

It is seen that so many people receive messages sent by others. One gets messages in dreams, telepathy etc. For this to happen the one getting messages (inspirations) has to have a concentrated and focused mind. Amongst so many thought waves in space he takes only those that he requires and such a skill can only be called amazing.

Many people have the power to prophesize the future, know the thoughts and activities of others, know another person’s past and that they also receive messages and directions of invisible beings. They can either describe or cure another person’s disease. They also know where wealth is buried and what is stored in someone’s locked vault.

Amongst these there are those who have not performed any special austerities. The cause for this is that in previous births they have performed a lot of penance and the resultant powers are seen in this birth. Apart from this it can so happen that such a person gets these powers from a spiritually powerful saint. One more cause is that concentration should be such that with its aid our extrasensory perception starts working and that such imaginary pictures are seen which turn out to be true. Even if someone does not perform Yogic practices even then he possesses miraculous power. Under such circumstances know for sure that one of the above causes is at play. Without an apt cause none can possess divine powers.

By imbibing powers of Shaktipaat due to apt psychic credentials a person can become very powerful even if he was very ordinary in the past. By utilizing these powers for higher goals that are sacred in nature, he can benefit greatly like any other Yogi.

It is absolutely true that via Shaktipaat (transmission of divine powers) one can gain highest benefits. But justice and ethics ordain that do not take anything without “paying” for it. Before accepting divine powers, first offer loving devotional service to saints who have realized God.

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