It is understood that Gayatri meditation and worship is a must righteous duty of every Indian. On the basis of measure of Prana gathered via this meditation and utility of it in daily social living the tradition of community management is designed. Due to proximity of divine consciousness, mental focus, advancement and sexual continence or Brahmacharya one class of people are called Brahmins. The principle meaning of Brahmin is not one born to parents who themselves are Brahmins but is one whose psyche overflows with divine energy. This divine radiance is nothing but a great measure of Prana gathered via Gayatri meditation which results in an advanced divine intellect called Ritambhara Prajna. It is definite that the sentiments of such people will overflow with deep faith in God, magnanimity, generosity and a yearning to attain Self Realization. Ceaselessly via righteous and sacred acts he/she induces high profound thinking in entire world human race and leads them towards ideals and ethics. Thus such one is highly revered, adored and looked up to in respect by world human society. Step by step other classes, apart from Brahmins have been classified based on less manifestation of this divine principle and more attachment towards leading a life of materialism. Yet Gayatri meditation is a must for all 3 classes called Varnas. One who ignores social duties and is a fanatic materialist is called Antyaj. This then was a pristinely pure scientifically managed world social system. No doubt today its true previous form has been tainted and distorted.

Ordinarily this fact cannot be immediately understood that how can that Prana existence which can render man a thinking conscious personality be so all pervasive and that it is mixed with the atmosphere? Yet modern science has fully endorsed this as a scientific fact.

In the eyes of electricity specializing scientists earth is a ball full of magnetic force. No doubt chemical materials exist yet its capacity, way of functioning, transforming method, admixture that leads to changes and behind other such movements it is electrical force that is at work which should be called the life force of every material object. Ere this is destroyed, objects lose their original qualities and become dead like and withered.

This fact is related not only to material objects but it applies also to living creatures. That principle that differentiates life and death in spiritual parlance is called Prana. Material scientists classify it as a type of electricity.

By itself magnet and electricity visibly are 2 types of existences and both are mutually bound to each other. Under certain circumstances one stream can be converted to the other type. If the magnetic region of a circuit keeps changing electricity manifests. In the same way if to a piece of iron is tied wires through which an electric current is passed it becomes magnetic in nature.

Surrounding our planet earth is a magnetic field. It carries out functions not only related to gravity but many other types too. Where exactly does this magnetic force emerge from? Where is it fount? Those who have researched into this have concluded that this is not an external gift but that it is an energy flow that is emitted by the deep recesses of earth.

In Hindu religious texts and Japanese traditions it is said that one should sleep with the head in the north and legs in the south. In order to test its aptness well known psychologists like Richen Back, Durville, Cloric, Abravas, Renault Limpris, Muller, Prabhrati etc conducted research studies and proved that this indeed is true. They concluded that for good sound sleep the brain’s magnetic field must lie in the direction of the North Pole. It is best to sleep with the head in the north direction.

In his experiments Dr Morensco via magnetic apparatus by rendering the 3rd ventricle positive succeeded in inducing artificial sleep. Like injections that render the brain unconscious this experiment proved to be a success. Instead of iron bedsteads usage of wooden ones, instead of buildings made of iron sticks and tin sheets usage of wood, clay etc proved more useful. From the health standpoint these were proved more useful because there is no needless gathering of Polar electricity flow, space based electricity and feradandez in the body. Needless accumulation of anything proves to be harmful. Un-required measure of magnetic force is considered inapt from the standpoint of pushing iron made apparatus in the body and brain then this should be considered logical.

From the visibility standpoint seems to be an admixture of mud, water, minerals, plants etc. On visualizing it subtly it appears to be a gigantic magnet. By itself even the human body seems to be made up of blood, flesh, bones etc but from the principle viewpoint it should be called a walking mobile live magnet.

Every cell of the body is a unit of electricity. Just as plants take in breathing air from the atmosphere via their leaves so too these cells attracts ‘frequency sound’ from the sky based atmospheric air. On its basis its vibration and oscillation function is executed.

Switzerland’s Dr Philips Arols Pera Selanson has said that the cause of so many illnesses is the distorted and scattered form of magnetism in the body. All this he has proved in a very scientific manner. There were diseases whose causes were unclear and many medical therapies proved futile in curing them. Dr Philips sent required amounts of magnetism to the fount of the diseased center and thus cured those diseases.

The North Pole of magnetism controls and directs human cell functioning and the South Pole fulfills the requirement of energy based nourishment. By classifying ill health into these 2 categories this conclusion can be drawn that amongst the 2 streams of magnetic flow which, where and how much should be utilized?

In the magazine ‘Medical World News’ a detailed description is given about research conducted by Chicago’s Bio Magnet Research Foundation. The Hungarian Dr Jean Barbethi’s research concludes that use of magnetic therapy in overcoming poisonous germs and overcoming the weak nature of cells has given astonishing results. This medical therapy has been given an independent name called ‘Biomagnetics’.

In brain based medical problems generally medicines administered do not reap very great success. No doubt medicines are given for indolence, weak brains, anger, die hard habits, epilepsy, depression etc yet their influence is quite weak. Whatever success has been reaped in this field, for that the credit goes to electric based therapy. Many a time psychiatric patients are given electric shocks to cure their woes and success has been achieved too. Dr Helal by using magnet therapy on patients suffering from brain problems and distortions found that via it those cells are more easily contacted which are responsible for such brain medical problems.


The more scientific data is being unearthed regarding energy principles western beliefs regarding life and Prana or vital force is speedily melting and changing. And to that extent speedy augmentation is being noted in the truth and precepts unfolded by Indian Spiritual Philosophy. After undergoing difficult spiritual and Yoga based practices Indian spiritual seers have unearthed certain data towards which today even Western Modern Science is headed. In this book we present the analysis of electromagnetic nature of human life as proved by western science. Thus the respected readers will visualize a new form of life force and Prana principle.

Once, Dr Renault was examining a patient. When this patient suffering from hypertension was made to sleep in the eastern-western direction it was noted based on oscilometer readings that the illness augmented. Yet when the bed’s direction was changed to north-south the patient was experiencing immense relief. Dr Renault concluded from this incident that man is conjoined to the magnetic fields of planet earth. Hence it will be least amazing if this data of Dr Renault attacks the theory of evolution which says man has evolved from small single cell creatures like amoeba. Prana or life force is an eternal principle which due to explosion manifests in the varied forms in the entire cosmos while flowing from a central mass.

When dogs, cats, bulls etc see a road only once and if they have to go there again they can easily do so. Regarding this it can be said that with the help of nature’s symbols they travel around yet there exist certain birds, fish etc that travel for thousands of miles and even at night. They journey in various seasons despite which they reach their correct destination. This is in fact is astonishing that without any directions/symbols but with sheer intuition they travel so far.

European crane birds in winter travel from Europe to Africa. The hooded crow travels 6000 miles to reach its destination. Despite not knowing directions like north, west etc it is mind boggling how they journey to apt destinations. Traveling generally is done at night by them. There is no proof or data that birds have knowledge of stars in the sky. Hence it simply is amazing. Life scientists after deep research found that the mystery maybe anything yet one fact stands out crystal clear that all birds travel parallel alongside the earth’s magnetic field lines. Experiments clear this data more lucidly.

Once crows were caught and some symbols were tied securely to their feet. These crows were used to travel in the north east direction. This time they were caught in Germany and from there 500 miles away towards the west they were freed. Again the birds started flying high in the sky and landed in Scandinavia. When a comparison was made with the path they took first time and then the latter one it was clear that this journey path was parallel to the 1st travel path and also was parallel to earth’s magnetic field lines. Experiments with fish like whale and salmon too pointed out to this very fact and now it was clear that the life of germs, beasts etc are influenced and inspired by magnetic forces. Amongst these experiments one related to birds swimming in water was very wondrous. They were freed on a shore of Atlantic Ocean and from there after traveling at a gigantic distance of 3050 miles they reached their home in Skorwom Island.

Living beings are greatly influenced by magnetic forces. The termite ant constructs its home parallel to the earth’s magnetic lines. When magnetic storms occur on planet earth, termites, ants etc get very agitated. To the extent that the proliferation of life cell’s initial and middle stages too are influenced by magnetic forces. Chromosomes always move towards the pole regions of cells. This proves that life force oozes with magnetic or similar potential.

Not only germs, bacteria etc but that human life too is influenced by magnetic forces. In 1845 Dr Richenback studied dreams of many people and said that if one sleeps with the head in the east and legs in the west sleep becomes very restless and agitated. As against this if you sleep in the north-south direction, sleep is calm and blissful. Experiments of Dr Cleric and Durville further emphasize this scientific data and opine that scenes seen in a dream are directly correlated to magnetic forces. Even Dr Renault, Abraham Muller, Lapris etc agree with this data unearthed.

Regarding the magnetic force of earth to date scientists are merely putting forth imaginations and presume that in the womb of earth dwell gigantic amounts of magnetite and ferrous oxide. As a result of this the earth is functioning as a huge magnet. The cause behind human life and microbes being affected by magnetic fields is the presence of hemoglobin that contains iron in their bodies. Due to the magnetic potential present in light particles of the sun it renders the earth too magnetic in nature. This fact was elucidated in previous pages while discussing the creation of Polar Aura. The sun’s photons are the very substratum on which life sustains on earth. Hemoglobin present in the body is that Prana or vital force which is emitted by the sun and via air, will power and other mediums enters our body. In the female’s body it is called ‘Rayi’. It is because the human male and female have opposite poles they get sexually attracted to one another.

Dr Morensco via deep research has proved that magnetism influences our psychic center too. He would induce sleep in people by allowing positive electric charge to enter the brain’s 3rd ventricle. Electricity and magnetism are very similar forces and can be transformed into each other. He also showed that even dream experiences are influenced by magnetic regions. I have given innumerable examples wherein many dreams of human turn out to be true. From this it appears that within human magnetic force exist thought, omniscience and all pervasiveness. If this is true then the Indian spiritual belief of a living being entering various other higher or lower subtle worlds or Lokas via Auroral Light is not erroneous. In the Indian Puranas the following is written:

Nathvithyuttaram yaccha saptarshibhyashcha dakshinam.

Uttar savituhu pantha devyan iti smrutaha.

Uttaram yad gastasya ajavithyashcha dakshinam.

Pitruyanaha sa vai pantha vaishwanar pathad bahiha.

MEANING: North of Nath Vithi and south of Saptarshi, the path of sun in the north is called Devyan. North of the August star and south is Ajivithi is Pitruyan Marga external to Vaishwanar Marg or path.

These paths are created from the united form of earth’s magnetic force and light particles or photons of the sun. It is electromagnetic in nature which has been detailed previously in this book regarding Auroral Light. The fact that positive-negative electric particles are attracted to each other is but the function of electrical or magnetic force. In Vedic terminology it is called ‘eti cha preti cha’.

In the Rigaveda it is said:

Antashcharati rochanasya pranad panati,

Vyakhyanamahisho divam.

……………….Rigveda (10-189-2)

MEANING: This energy churned via Prana-Apana is the very basis of life.

Akrunaina rajasa vartamano niveshayannamritam martyacha.

Hiranya yena savita rathena devo yati bhuvanani pashyan.

MEANING: Traveling from worlds that are black in hue by well managing nature and Prana (negative and positive charge or North Pole magnetism and South Pole magnetism Savita (Prana or vital force of the sun) in a golden chariot by seeing all worlds appears by giving us its holy vision.

Where it is now being proved that life force is electromagnetic principle there scientists are getting proof of it being emitted by the solar world. The finding of sun spots by scientists proves that the solar world is related to a more gigantic seed planet or interstellar space. Regarding this, future scientific studies will give us wisdom regarding the existence and attainment of heaven, salvation and cosmic divine existence.

From this it is definite that during Gayatri Meditation via focus on Savita our brain magnetism will attract the magnetism of the sun and by imbibing it our life force called Prana will augment manifold.

Man is like an egg in whose inner center dwells the yolk and surrounding it is white flesh. Man’s body is like yolk and aura surrounding him is called white albumin. By uniting both the visible and invisible a total compact personality emerges. In reality this explanation has its own error. Man’s area of contact is equal to the area he can influence and also the area from which he can imbibe influence. This periphery is limitless hence man too is looked upon as infinite or limitless.

The visible mass of earth is small but if together its atmospheric magnetism, radiation arena and give and take area in interstellar place is measured it will appear it is merely a cog bound to the machine called cosmic family. If earth separates from this cosmic family it will have no existence of its own at all. Similarly man also is a tiny part of the huge chain called cosmic consciousness. A cog of a watch is useful only as long as it is conjoined to the watch and if it separates it is rendered rubbish. Man may keep looking upon himself as independent but the hard reality is that his glory, efforts towards joy and progress are totally dependent on cosmic consciousness or God in layman’s terms. Man’s cosmic nature encompasses the soul, his body, aura surrounding his body and movements of subtle energies within this aura of light. The bond that conjoins limitlessness of the body to all pervasiveness of the cosmos is none other than man’s aura which surrounds man’s body. Despite not being seen by the gross eye its role is so mind boggling that it has to be given greater importance than man’s visible gross body. Even if this gross body dies its aura continues its existence. In the form of ghosts it is this aura that moves about. It could be that a person is reborn somewhere and that his aura functions independently in the form of a ghost.

Visible and invisible energies functioning on earth and in space are not independent and compact by themselves. They are created in fact from others gifts, contact and union. The atom’s form visualized by us is not its own creation but that within it, not only earth but other worlds too contribute in their own way. If this were not the case atomic activities would merely exist as stray scattered movements and that via them no beneficial aim can accrue.

The same holds true for the human personality. This unit created by living cells ere had not attained gifts and grace from other far off existences of the cosmos then possibly it would be rendered a lowly creature.

The speed movements of atoms in a certain manner create electricity. In it when conscious existence enters life and living beings are created. In Polar Regions of earth magnetic storms are known to erupt whose light is visualized as Aurora Borealis. It can be called the union and vibration of subtle movements of planets related to earth. This then is the ‘romantic’ relation between our earth other planets as a result of which just like Kunti’s 5 sons (in epic Mahabharat) 5 types of cosmic activities take birth and appear in front of us in a very wondrous potent form.

When the salty water of the ocean lashes against boats and ships made from metal electric waves are known to manifest in them. Naval scientists are well aware of this natural production of electricity and know both its dire and beneficial reactions.

Similarly bodily microbes and cells too dash against God and electric flow of the atmosphere and thus generate electrical energy. In cells exists apt measure of blood (etc) and chemicals which on being incited generate electric flow. This is the very reason why not only heat dwells in every human being but that varied stature of electrical streams too flow there. Via technology they can be well tested and understood.

Human magnetism is conjoined to cosmic divine existence via a fiber. From Lord Vishnu’s navel a lotus bloomed and Brahmaji (creator) manifested from this lotus. This then is the symbolic description the bond between God and a living being’s soul. A child in the mother’s womb too is bound to her body via the umbilical cord. The navel is the center. Only after delivery does this umbilical cord of the baby come out of the mother’s body and after cutting it the mother-child bond is separated.

Man’s ears hear sound waves only up to a limited distance but birds have such consciousness on the basis of which they hear even those sound waves which cannot be heard by mankind. Via technology such whistles are blown which although man cannot hear but a dog easily can hear and thus comes running towards the whistling sound. A dog can hear that far off sound of its master which is impossible for the human ear to hear.

Place a plain paper on a table. Place a magnet on it. From a height of 1 foot, shower particles of iron on this paper. Thus it will be noticed that these iron filings fall down in the form of a particular design. This design has a direct correlation with the strength of the magnetic field lines. The inner state of the magnet becomes clear from the iron filings falling on the paper placed on the table.

Man is also a type of a magnet. He imbibes or rejects various good/bad gifts showered on it by interstellar space based on his inner soul state. Whatever man is himself he will accordingly accept via his magnetism from the subtle flow of the cosmos.

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