As a personal trainer and a firm believer in the massive benefits of detox I am trying my best to spread the word about detox. I am still quite amazed about how many people don’t have a clue what detoxing is or the benefits of doing it.

By detoxing you are performing a cleanse of your body, you are ridding it of the harmful toxins that prevent your body from functioning the way it was designed to. Not only that, but a detox helps:

Increase your metabolism
Balance out your hormones
Combat tiredness
And loads loads more!
The course I run a few weeks ago was a 28 day detox, I received some fantastic results, most notably from my own father who during the detox lost 21 pounds.

You detox normally for a period of 3-28 days. This is by no means just a quick fix for your body to recover during the detox phase and then going back to unhealthy eating. A detox should help you to make long term behavioural changes to the way you eat and ultimately the way you live. If you ask most people after their detox if they even want to eat unhealthily they will say no!

Sadly there is no way of being 100% toxin free due to the vast amount of toxins in our environment. I believe though that with a detox diet and having a healthy lifestyle involving exercise, sunlight and fresh air you could be 80-90% toxin free, this is a lot more than the average population.

A little tip!

I read recently about a super food that blasts toxins! This is spinach! Spinach is great in the detoxification process. Spinach contains high levels of a compound called glutathione. What glutathione does is basically handcuff harmful toxins to excreted molecules which cleans the dangerous poisons from your system.

So get adding spinach to your salads, smoothies and meals!

The more exposed you are to toxins then the faster your body uses up the very helpful glutathione. This leads to you aging quicker, more aches, more pains and other health problems.

If you don’t wish to start a detox but do want to become more healthily here are a few ideas to help you out:

Start to eliminate things such as alcohol, dairy, coffee, junk food and anything fried.
Drink more water

Try sweating more – through exercise, a hot bath or the sauna. This will really help to flush out some of the toxins from your body and is great for your skin.

Don’t let the toxins win!

Richard Clarke

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