Obesity has become a universal phenomena in first world countries. Children have easy access to fast foods and often lead relatively sedentary lives. These children grow into adults and the health, and frequently emotional, problems grow as body weight increases. The risk of heart attacks and diabetes is greater. The joints groan under the stress of carrying the body’s weight and conditions such as osteoarthritis and gout are aggravated. The weight loss industry has grown exponentially as society seeks more and diverse ways to shed excess weight. Each year millions of people spend huge amounts of money on weight loss products, programs and pills. To no avail: the weight either stays on, or goes and comes back again.

A look at any bookstore or an internet search shows that fad diets abound. The danger of these type of diets is that they are often not balanced and essential food groups are eliminated; because they are short term programs they do not involve permanent life style changes. Diet pills are equally dangerous to health, often containing ingredients that can be harmful to the body if taken over a long period of time. And because weight tends to increase as soon as the diet pills are stopped, people do keep taking them.

Advertisements for exercise aids are everywhere, all assuring the consumer that this or that particular one will help create the perfect body. Unfortunately, due to various factors, some of these devices do not help and end up being stored away, just gathering dust. The exercise equipment that is effective is often too expensive for the individual to purchase.

What are the alternatives?

The answer to weight loss comes not from unsustainable methods but from super foods. These are natural foods that contain powerful antioxidants and nutrients that work with the body and not against it. Certain properties in super foods can help you lose weight and have the added bonus of preventing and fighting diseases such as heart attacks, cancer, bad skin and teeth. They also help to balance glucose levels in the body which in turn curbs the appetite. Super foods are bought in their natural form, without chemical additives or processing.

If you have been overweight for quite a long period of time your body has taken a lot of strain – super foods help to reverse some of the damage that has been done. Super foods facilitate the losing of weight normally as well as using the natural properties they contain to combat any potential or existing health problems. It has been found that people who change their eating habits are almost certainly able to keep the weight off permanently.

Sensible, Healthy Eating that includes Super Foods

A sensible, healthy and successful eating plan is made up of a balance of different foods, while ensuring that over a 24 hour period more calories are used up by the body than are consumed. Research has discovered that in order to lose weight you have to eat. If you starve your body then it stores fat rather than burns it. In addition, your body will diminish muscle instead of fat and amongst other things will cause stress on the heart. And as soon as normal eating is resumed your body will gain weight.

Blueberries, peaches and pears are super foods. All easily obtainable, they abound in natural and healthy elements. Fiber which helps fill you up and keeps the digestive system in good order, bioactive nutrients and antioxidants which ensure that the body runs smoothly, as well as calcium and Vitamins C and E. The sweet taste of these fruits help combat the craving for high fat, sugary snacks. Limit the intake of fruit to three to five servings a day, as even natural sugar (as opposed to refined sugar) can be overdone.

Vegetables that are super foods include carrots, seaweed and artichokes. These will all help you slim down and revitalize your body. Steamed carrots are tasty and healthy. Seaweed (there are many recipes available using seaweed) is a versatile food that increases energy and helps you feel full for longer. Artichokes also fill the stomach and are extremely nutritious. If you have a sauce or dip with artichokes make sure it is low calorie.

A good way to cut portion size during a main meal is to have a bowl of soup or a salad beforehand. Tomato, seaweed or broth based soups are low in calories, but avoid cream based mixtures. The same goes for salads, which can be creatively put together without resorting to high calorie dressings. Both salads and soups help to fill you up and make it easier to have smaller servings of other foods.

Green tea is a wonder super food (even though it is a beverage). It is loaded with antioxidants, and five to eight cups a day help to extend longevity as well as quality of life. Although green tea contains a small amount of caffeine this substance is actually beneficial in this context. Green tea helps keep glucose levels balanced which tends to control over eating, assists digestion and reduces the risk of heart disease.

Low calorie yogurt is one of the dairy products that assists with weight loss. Two or three servings of yogurt during the day helps to combat sweet cravings, fills you up and keeps the calorie count low. And it tastes so good!

Water is essential to complement super foods. It has a zero calorie count, helps keep the stomach full, flushes out the system (including fat cells) and helps your body feel and look fresh. On the other hand, soda, fruit juice, sugary iced tea and even flavored water add calories and block weight loss. Drinking plain water is one of the keys to long term weight loss.

Adding super foods to a sensible eating plan, together with regular and moderate exercise, will change your body size and set you up for a healthy life.

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